Bebek Bengil @ Bali

During one of my trip overseas, the only thing that seemed to matter most was WHAT to eat when I do get there eventually.

Well, this time, “there” refers to Bali, and everybody knows the two most sought after dishes in Bali are:

1. Babi Guling, and
2. Bebek Bertutu (or bebek bengil)

And since we were at Ubud, famed for the best “warung“s and its vast padi fields where ducks (that’s bebek in indonesian) live, it’s only natural that we found ourselves invited into the best restaurant that served the popular duck dish, that is, at the Bebek Bengil.

Yes, directly translated it also meant “Dirty Duck Diner“. Yes you’re allowed to lolol now lol.

1st we ordered our first dish, which is like vegetables and tofu in peanut butter sauce more commonly referred to as Gado-Gado, an Indonesian specialty.

It does taste as good as it looks, I swear upon my little belly button! A little warning though, notice those little chillies at the side? I accidently bit into one of those and turned into a fire-breathing freak that Kenny and Icy couldn’t seem to get enough of… sigh, don’t think they’ll ever let me off the hook. >(

And here’s presenting the main dish of the day: The Bebek Bertutu! Just take a good look at it and do becareful where your drool lands: you don’t want to send your computer to be fixed thanks to some nonsensical drooling reasons πŸ˜›

The really crispy duck leaves nothing much to be said. Though skinny looking, the 4 of us were surprised by its tender meat and really enjoyed this dish. It came with 4 different sauces of a variety of spice levels, perfect for those enjoy spicy food and those who don’t too. Definitely met our expectations and many of us agreed it was one of the best places to eat!

The dish below is the Roasted Pork Ribs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Indonesia maybe populated vastly by the muslim community, however, Bali itself has an ancient heritage dating all the way back to the old times, where ancestors were mostly if not all, Hindus. This is the reason why the Babi Guling (pork!) is also a speciality in Bali, if you didn’t already notice!

Not mouthwatering enough for you? Quite the impossible I should think haha… Damn, my travelog ALWAYS has to start with food first don’t it? Okay la I promise I’ll talk more about the other things we did next πŸ™‚

But seriously, take another look at the pork ribs above, and if you can tell me with a straight face that you can actually resist them, I’m willing to be your slave for a day!

See even Cheeso here can’t keep her mouth closed lolol

What exactly is she looking at? No la its not the ball-y thing below. No no what were you thinking la!

It’s her Gnocchi which she was all crazed up about. But wth right, who in the right mind goes to an Indonesian restaurant and orders italian dishes like Gnocchi?! Okay la if she wants Gnocchi we all go Italy la okay? haha… So doods and gals, no Italian food pls when you’re in Bali. Get one of these wooden puzzle balls instead for just Rp10,000. Or was that for 4? lol


Next up: Shall we talk about the rooms now? Fabulous rooms I tell ya πŸ˜‰


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