Bali's Temples

Bali is full of ancient relics and has a very illustrious past, widely related to the Hindu religion which happens to be the main religion in this Island.
(otherwise how else would the all-time favourite food in Bali be… a babi?! lol)

Kenny and Icy walking through pathways leading to small, elaborated doors. This is one of the main attractions in Ubud, known as the Royalty’s residence.


Mini temples like these are often seen everywhere in Bali. There are certain rules that has to be obeyed should you want to enter these sacred sites, such as:

  • Ladies who are having menstruation are disallowed from entering
  • All must wear decently, including sarongs to cover your legs (which are borrowed free)
  • I can’t remember the rest, too lazy to search šŸ˜›


Nearby the area, there’s the famed Ubud market, near where we ate our Babi Guling. You can get lots of beautiful paintings here for a decent price, some like the above. In fact, you can get almost EVERYTHING there but at the same time, damn headache la, those guys will either con you outright, or mob you til there’s no tomorrow. One super big advice is… ALWAYS GO 1/3 or 1/4 the starting price or REGRET forever!


Whoops, got this picture upside down! Nah, hehe, we saw this real huge bat there and thought it looked cool. Makes me wanna watch the next Batman movie!
(I wanna throw rotten tomatoes at Joker, hate him wtf)


There were many odd statues you will find in Ubud. Such is the heritage there that many carvers spend their time carving these out of stones, not to be sold, mind you, but just out of pure artistic fun. As you can see Cheeso and Kenny can’t help but poke fun at other country’s heritage. Tsk.


But okla, fine, they weren’t the only one poking fun at those statues.
Guess what i did when I saw this one?


I poked it šŸ˜›

Wanna say something?
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