Work In Progress (WIP) @ BSC

Work in Progress first sounds like a construction site in some ulu yam place. Little did we know that it was actually safely tucked into an expensive expat location, more commonly known as the Bangsar Shopping Complex. The place boasts of an cool outdoor section and a bar-ish ambience in the inside section, but seeing as the sun was shining brightly outside, we opted for the former 😉

The menus were not something to be taken lightly, coming in forms of snap boards with pieces of papers with food and drinks listings, each appropriately marked with sassy names such as Thirst Quenchers and Tummy Fillers. What a way to provoke your tastebuds!

A peek at the outdoor scenery shows a classy exterior design, separated into three sections of styles to meet your different needs. Notice at the end where the plush cushions are: those are fitting for just a cuppa, bar the meals.

I can’t help but notice their simple yet innovative decor they use around the area. This one shows a ciggie holder except that there are little fake flowers placed on top to give a sweet look to it!

On with the food, then! This dish happens to be one of the popular dishes in WIP. Smoked salmon lovers will love it, as it complements the healthiness of salad vegetables with mayo and wasabe topping, with scattered ebikos to give a final touch to both flair and taste.

A recommended suggestion was to order more wasabis for those who want an extra oomph to the dish above. We had it ordered, with no extra charge, and it was never more satisfied with the dish.

The hungry monstah showing how pleased he is

Another dish we had was the beef stew pie. They had a better name for it but I forgot, so will let you know later when I find it out. It was mediocre, but there are probably more dishes out there worth trying, which was unfortunate as we were rushing for time and hence, left the place in a hurry.

Hardly what we’ll call a proper review. =__=;

SO why not test your tastebuds in this really decent restaurant, especially if you live around Bangsar. Service was excellent, price was standard considering its location and if given the chance, I would go back again without hesitation 😉

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  • I recently went there! Nth very special also, their menu.. Almost exact same range of food as Souled Out, being under the same management and all. Im guessing u dont really go to Souled Out :p

  • yea, I haven’t been to that place before actually 😛 give a guy who’s been living his life in London for 4 years a break hehe, i don’t know many places to eat just yet!

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