The Malaysian Dreamgirls 2008

So, here’s yet another MDG post in the world wide web, Malaysian style. I suppose one thing good that came out of this is, of course, exposure for the girls. Despite all that has happened, the drama, the bitching, the pretentiousness of it all from the start till the end, MDG has however managed to pull something out of nothing. Entertainment was provided, gossip topics widespread and most importantly, it shows how bloggers can gather such powerful attention from the “real world” just by doing what they do best: updating their friends on current matter.


It was even recognized in the Malaysian Book of Guinness Records as the first online reality show and this will not only benefit the event, but all companies and contestants involved. In other words, participating in such a series CAN come to a lot of indirect benefits, depending on whether you like to view a glass of water half full, or half empty.


This is why I feel irregardless of who emerged as the top winners in MDG, eventually if the girls know where to go from here, it can really take them far. Don’t regret, always look forward and seek for opportunities that may or may not come looking for you!

Top 3

The finalists, whereby Hanis got second runner-up, Adeline as runner-up and Cindy crowned as the first Malaysian Dreamgirl, which is a controversial decision arised from an apparent flaw in SMS voting.

Ringo start

Ringo aka Cheesie of was one of the contestants who came out, to me, as an eventual winner. Seeing her being confident in the opening dance (video will be loaded soon) shows how she took the bitter pills out of her experience in MDG, and already looking forward to do more exciting things as mentioned in her blog.


Her smiling face says it all; life is how you want to make it to be. Be ashamed of things that you do and you’ll most probably end up being afraid to do things that you want to do but afraid of how the public perspective on it. Be proud of the things that you do and undertake, and you’ll most likely go far and take along with you your passion for life. My style? Happiness for others comes first, happiness for myself will eventually appear from nowhere. What comes around goes around can also be seen in a good way, not necessarily always the other.


I once asked somebody, why do some unique persons have an aura about them that if anything happens around them, it will be noticed by people around you, for the good or the bad? Her reply was, it’s the response that these unique persons give. It’s not about being attention-seeking (though there are those who are) but about their unique ways on viewing the matter. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why sometimes you can’t help but to notice someone from a huge pile of humans. An outstanding persona, someone that exudes something that is missing from others. I’ve always thought the first impression is one of the most important impression in one’s life.


The journey for one’s path down the aisle then, can be viewed in many ways. Go with the flow, and you’ll most probably end up living a mediocre, but safe life. Go against the flow, and you may be pushed and tossed around, eventually ending up being dropped from the aisle to one side. Play smart, use the flow to your advantage, go against it when it is suitable. The game of life is always an exciting one, never lose sight of it, and if you do, all that is needed is to find it again.

So all of you, every single one of you girls, heed my advice, heed my words. The same goes to everyone who may stumble onto this page, friends, foe (which I hopefully have none) and guests. I’m no hypocrite, I write all these with real meanings. You’ve seen my views on each point I try to make, and this is how I’ve been living my life. I have no regrets, not a single one. Hard to believe? Get to know me then πŸ™‚

Every path is taken with all responsibilities due, every success taken into account to drive me forward, and every loss is a lesson learned to understand the less fortunate among us, including ourselves, to make us a better person for those who are important around us, and most importantly, for our own selves.

View more photos taken at 1 Utama on the Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale here!

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