Statistical Satire

This is sooooooo funnyyyY!!! Here’s the deal: What do you get when you have a bunch of mathematicians trying to be stand-up comedians? Well this is what the Joint Mathematics & Computer Science class of 2007 has to say!




I didn’t get this, did you?




Awwwww! <3




Our relationship flowchart lol




Who the HELL is Risk Atley?!




I know, I’m such a dork sometimes 😛 Viva la Mathematica!

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  • “Who the HELL is Risk Atley?!”

    You’re THAT young eh? heh.

    And Right Said Fred says that he is too sexy for this blog too. 😀

  • eyeris: your comments made absolutely no sense to me! teach me la lol

    kimberlycun: jibai you! funny meh! haha

    Simon: HAHA YA SMART 😀

    joshua: funny whaaaat! hahahah

    ST: of course la, love wut, is there anything else to it? lol i think i just n00bed myself

    clem: I KNOW RIGHT HAHA!

  • wah, damn funny!

    i’m stealing this one…

    % too sexy is the ‘i’m too sexy’ song, and ‘all you need is love!….’ is by the beatles! methinks…:P

  • ooo i have my own math geek love eulogy lmao. but of course not funny la 🙁

    GREASE!!!! the relationship flowchat = best.

    tock did not google completely lah, missed most of his own jokes, silly billy (jean). own your head lah duh.

  • *flowchart

    eh this u didn’t get that u didn’t get… why on earth did u post the whole thing then? gey kiang only lah XP

    eh sorry din reply ur msg… made a boo-boo and sent to wrong number lol.

  • L.vo: damn funny right!! haha a true actuarist will appreciate it 😉 yea thanks to u i finally understood the “too sexy” joke lolol

    eyeris: sorry i dun loike to cheat, unlike what others are implying! grr. haha

    ST: OH!! lololol!!

    suan: i know right. but be nice suan 😉

    christmas: oh so THAT’s what the flowchart meant! lolol… and no I did not google or I would have understood all of them right? sigh, do you have such little impression of me? 🙁

  • phrases from the song “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred as mentioned above:

    And I’m too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
    New York and Japan..
    I’m too sexy for my car too sexy for my car..
    And I’m too sexy for my hat.
    I’m too sexy for my cat too sexy for my cat… etc

    The obsession with Rick Astley’s best explained if u search wiki for “rickroll”

    How’ve u been tock, keep in touch man.

  • Zenchef: i’d rather not understand and be like you!

    K9: OI I DIDN”T KNOW U READ MY BLOG!! where have you been la? I’m working in Malaysia now… though I’m currently in London hehe. Just packing things home =)

    will e-mail u!

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