Mega Mac Day

Intrigued? Have you ever noticed the new burg in the block?
Introducing, the Mega Mac!
I couldn’t resist it at all, I’m just plain sucker for new things 😀
Now let’s see what’s inside that mega packaging…


Looks decent, the Mega Mac together with a member of its family. FUNNY OR NOT.
Laugh with me la!


The Mega Mac in all its glory!


Comparison: in height. Model: Large Coke. Owned.


Comparison: in width. Model: Fish-O-Fillet. Owned.


How my hands pales in size of the burger with four beef patties, lettuce, cheese, special sauce all in a sesame seed bun. No I’m not joining in any competition lolol


I tell ya, it’s too big for my mouth!!!!


This has got to be the suckiest food review ever. HAHA! Okie bai 🙂

Wanna say something?
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  • Oh what the FISH!


    Seriously, I bet I can beat you by taking full-height of the burger in a more graceful and smooth sort of fashion… 😉

  • KNizam: tahu kan! kalau mulut lebih besar tuh bolehla!
    ST: STFU. On the contrary, it takes a big-sized burger to fulfil a big-sized man, but since the Law of Balance dictates that my body is small, hence the size of certain bodily parts are compensated 😉
    KY: i know your mulut is so biiiiig!
    sping: wut la you, GBK sooooo much nicer kay 😀
    Dan-yel: HOR?! hoR!! Try it lol. Come la challenge, u think i scared your big mouth and gracefully gay actions? 😛

  • yea we all know tockky can outgay anyone. ehhh here got no megamac 🙁 nvm, liddat i wuent have ingested all those *CALORIES* 😀

  • Hello, I’m TZ. Dropped by via Shaolin Tiger’s blog…

    hehehe… finally, they have this awesome burger over in Malaysia. I took my 1st Mega Mac last Friday after so many years… Guess what? This is my favor burger in McD when i was in Canada many years ago :-p

  • elmo: pls, you know when ur down in KL you’ll get one immediately because i make it look good and delicious 😛
    Simon: thank you simon!
    TZ: Heya TZ! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog 🙂 So are you happy now that the Mega Mac has arrived? lol… Crazy la you haha

  • HAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t see that coming! Girls, let me set the record straight, I’m straight by the way. Well, at least not the most gay in this house anyway. *Cough Cough*

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