The Fu Chuk Mystery

So we went to dinner last night, and decided to try out this amazing place called Yeun’s Steamboat. Why is it amazing? Let’s see, how can I put this as straightforward as possible to you…

Now, I normally HATE putting blurred pictures in my blog, but for the sake of explaining to you what I want to explain, I will let it pass this time. Take a look at the picture below; what do you see?

Can you see the crowd of people standing outside the restaurant? No, they aren’t there to group up for a gang fight la! Seriously, these guys are waiting outside for their table…

Now can you guess what was our number when we got to the waiting list?


Come on, take a wild guess, take a look at the picture clearly again.

30? Nay… 40? Nope….   We were number 64 in the waiting list, like WTH right?! Luckily we were just three hor, so we managed to get in after half an hour or so nia (actually thanks to our girl who sort of hounded the man in charge lol) So we were told to go to second floor, and this is the scene that greeted us.

Uh huh. That’s just one floor. Look at the number of tables, look at the ceiling; the amount of ventilators there is crazy! Now imagine the same scenario like this, for another 3 floors!! (There’s even a lift that takes you to each floor ok!)

Everywhere people are eating and talking and having their steamboat fresh from the table. Funnily enough it doesn’t seem to run out. The ingredients, that is. Me and our girl were new to this place, so we wondered where could all the food come from? That’s when we noticed this.

And this.

And this.

It’s a FREAKING BUFFET!!! LIke, where else can you find STEAMBOAT BUFFET LA! Free flowing fresh seafood and meat, loads of different kinds of balls, vegetables, noodles, you name it they have it! The scene was amazing, and imagine, the same kind of layout on every single freaking floor. My mouth cannot close la. It was just too damn amazing.

Now leh, you’d think we’ll try to eat our money’s worth since we’re it’s buffet style right? I mean, which Malaysian in their right mind will NOT pass up the chance to make a restaurant bankrupt for giving them a chance at being so kaisu that they’ll turn into greedy bastards eating everything in sight, just to make up for the money lost? NO ONE I TELL YOU! So hor, look at our dishes below and tell us what’s wrong with it.

Hmm. Fu chuk. and mushrooms. okay.

Hmm. ok la got sausage, and seaweed (makes the broth sweeter!). BUT wth, more fu chuk?!



Oh yes la. Should have known right? The infamous duo: Timothy Tiah and Wong Wen Qi. For those who don’t know, this Tim is also known as the F*cking Fu Chuk Eater (FFCE) back in his Lengmou days, hence you only have to add one to one to get two. Okay la, credits to Wen Qi aka Samantha because we did want to add in the seafood leh, you know how many $$$ go down the drain or not, since seafood IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE INGREDIENTS in the selection?! Unfortunately, we had too much to handle, and Mr. Tiah does not eat seafood one. At ALL. My stomach also not as big as it once was I guess. pfft. You go take a look at the steamboat bowl, can you count the number of fu chuk floating on top or not? lol…

Anyway, so there you go. Yuen’s Steamboat, located opposite Sunway Pyramid– over the other side of the highway, is the place to go for biiiig gatherings because you really get to eat how much you want. Buffet-style Steamboat. Of course you’ll be penalized for waste of food la, but that’s a given. The price? For the three of us with a few round of drinks, it went up to 60+. That’s like 20+ for each of us, VERY DECENT!!!

Would love to go again la one day. But maybe, this time hor, we leave this Ewe Tiam out of the equation. Like come on la, SO MANY FU CHUK CAN DIE ONE OKAY?! Sigh lol.

Wanna say something?
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  • me first again?? damm.. this one I really will enjoy one lo.. some more is not far from my office only.. din call me along also…. ish.. (know la.. u will say.. eh.. i shy leh)…

  • eh
    penang got what, steam boat buffet. that korean place, you can like choose different soups…. different meat bla bla bla. okay fine so it’s not chinese steam boat, why’re your tastebuds so racist.

  • Oli: WASN’T ME!!!
    suanie: i like it la but this time a bit too muich riiiigiht!
    Simon Seow: I prefer Yau Char Kwai in BKT YUM!
    supremoser: lol wut is suaku? 😛
    suan: eh suan i found another suanie who’s now my first wife lolol. eh urs is like completely different ok anyway u go bring me la though it’s too late now 🙁
    KY: I DUNNO YOU WORK THERE ok next time call u 😀

  • lol! i’ve practically been to yuen’s until i’m already afraid of it.

    next time before you go there, book a table lah!

    and, to be honest, i think the food there sucks. how come u didn’t blog about the infamous chicken wings? i think it’s the only thing which is worth-eating over there. usually, chicken wings tend to finish in seconds (yes, not even minutes) and whenever you see them bringing out freshly cooked ones, people will start rushing towards it and SNATCHING! they won’t bother if it falls on the table or someone else’s hand :S

  • oh yes yau char kuai in bkt is the bombbbb i liked it more than the bkt itself wtf (i dont like pork that much).

    oh yuen’s steamboat went there damn a lot of times. got try the famous chicken wings or not, the moment someone from the kitchen came out with a fresh pile of chicken wings there will be TONS of people hawking all over it no joke. the scene is damn malaysian wan lah.

    and the trick to avoid long queues is:
    – go early la obviously, my friends and i usually go around 6pm or 7pm
    – don’t go on weekends or public hols or eve of public hols.

    hehe finally some place that you went before that i know of!

  • you hv to wait for calling to enter Yuen anytime u r there, and the son of Yuen Buffet Steamboat once hs told to his friends that Yuen’s target is prole or poor people, like indian or malay as well as low leavel chinese, so no matter how long they will to wait for the cheap meal, no matter how they r treated shitly, they will still put greedy smile on face—coz Yuen is cheap for cheap 🙂 never go if u r not as cheap as u r not.

    btw, the chicken is one of the strategy to stuffed ur stomuch,in order to proevent u eat tooooo much there! incretion? wo knows? all the people r getting and fat fat for too frequent to go to the Yeun

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