Stall Food Series #1

Thanks to KY and my friendly colleagues I’ve been searching up and down for good stall foods to eat within KL, during lunch breaks or after office hours. KY’s motto is really quite different from me; he finds cheap and good food, wherelse if you notice, my tastes are kinda expensive 😉

Anyhoo, a bunch of friends and I decided to meet up and tackle this off-road stall place which I forgot the name, but it’s located off Jalan Raja Laut. I actually got lost on the way there and got really frustrated, but it all evaporated as the sight of their specialties overcomes all things.

Yes, the above is one of their specialties which we had not one but TWO portions! Crispy and light on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside, it promises to challenge your sensations, taking you to a level of texture superiority that you so often miss when having a good round of “o-chien”. Made of eggs and small, fresh oysters, this tasty combination is definitely something you cannot miss 🙂

Now, another specialty they provide is the Yu Tao Mai, ie Fish Head Mee hoon. We didn’t have that but instead just the fish itself. Rumour says that the fish provider will have to compensate for a whole day’s business if the fish delivered isn’t fresh, so you can guarantee your ass that this fish is as fresh as it can get! Furthermore, their sauce is REPLENISHABLE! How cool is that? Why would you want to replenish it? Simple; the for its exquisite taste. It’s like drinking the essence of the fish itself, thanks to the long boiling time with fresh fish bones.

This dish is not uncommon in many Chinese restaurants, nevertheless it didn’t disappoint us. I guess you can’t really go wrong with it, other than differentiating between the freshness of the prawns, which I can say, was most probably very fresh. Another dish we enjoyed with our white rice.

At the end of the day we were done and the table was littered full of smiley faces. Not one single piece of meat were spared in this seafood feast, which was amazing since we had 1 fish dish, 2 egg-oyster dishes, 1 prawn dish and 1 vegetable dish, totalling 5 dishes for the 5 of us! (and do remember, the size of one portion is nothing to laugh about!)

Initially I thought the place did not have any air-conditioning since I heard it’s by the roadside, but luckily there was something indoor and that definitely kept my mood up I suppose haha.. cause I’m just too used to enjoying my meals in an extremely comfortable environment 😛 All in all I guess it was an extremely enjoyable occasion for our get-together session. Thanks to Heng Kai for organising it with me, Cheng Chun, Kevin Ong and Syn-In for your wonderful time!

Sigh, I didn’t want to make it a big hoo haa but my first wife in 6 years time decided to reveal the gag in her blog. How oh how do I get involved in these silly situations?! But I don’t mind la, she’s popiuler and she’s cameoing in Swifty’s “Chicken Rice Mystery” so go vote for it in BMWShorties’ 2008 website!

On a separate note, Zain of Randomalphabets suddenly mentioned my name in his KL Freeze post! Zain if you’re reading this, I’m really honoured to be part of the KL Freeze, which I talked about in this post so do check it out!

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  • Chris, this one is off menara sime darby right??

    had lunch here so many times cause working in PwC right round the corner…

    dmanit wanna go eat it somemore.. salivating over here wei

  • Dude you’re back! you’re alive!
    Awesome man. Glad to see you. I wondered about you.
    I have some catching up to do on here too. That meal man, looks awesome!
    I’ll be back’s getting late here. Ciao!

  • Heyy Christopher!

    I posted that message/quote on the post because your message goes a long way. Not went, but goes. Present tense because it still helps till today and I hope for many days to come.

    Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Embed the official vid of the KL Freeze in Unison on your site if you wanna or have the link up I mean it’s from 10 diff cameras from beginning to end. Even got ‘security’ footage. So susah to put together.

    I think that vid reflects at best what the project was like to those who made it and to those who didn’t. It was all covert underground operation which is why there were security issues. They didn’t know we were coming and they didn’t know what hit them. But the way I see it, our intentions we good, so no fuss there.

    Anyway, I look forward to having you on the team for the next project. Especially if you have a video camera. That would be very helpful. 🙂

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