Christmas Dinner 2007

As promised, I made sure to bring in the Christmas Spirit into our house of 29 Bridgeway Street even if it means spending the whole day in the kitchen. Aimran, his sister and Ben were around to help, and the 4 of us celebrated Christmas as a family πŸ™‚

Instead of the usual Bread & Butter Pudding, we decided to use Kiwi to replace sweet sultanas and raisins (because we ain’t got them, and Aimran suggested we use it!!). This is how it looks like before being baked, kind of interesting… Let’s see what comes out.

The End Result: Didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to be. Needless to say, though, that the family had some of it anyway, so appreciative :'( Not sweet enough, and the Kiwi… well, let’s just say we’d stick to sultanas and raisins next time =.=;

My full-proof sweet potato pie. For the ingredients, refer to this post. Safe, savoury and sweet, potato, sweet potato and cheese ALWAYS makes a great easy snacking alternative πŸ˜€

The Assorted Steamed Vegetables in Butter Sauce is a clever mix of yellow corn, green pea pods and brown chestnut mushrooms sprinkled with home-made butter sauce to give a festive flavour to our Christmas Dinner set!

To freshen up and provide brighter festive colours, the assorted steamed baby carrots and plum tomatoes with a fluff of alfalfa on top provided the freshness in taste that wakes you up into the christmasy mood!

Normally Yuletide Turkey is meant to be WHOLE and THEN you insert the STUFFINGS into its cavity (once you remove the insides, that is). However I was faced with a problem of wanting to use the stuffings, but all I had was two huge-ass major monkey ballslarge turkey thighs. What was I supposed to do?

Then it hit me. My recollection on something called the “chi bao kai” came up, and EUREKA, I thought of putting the stuffings OUTSIDE the turkey, have that wrapped up into the aluminium foil and then oven cook it from within! Of course, I first had to let the thighs be cooked separately so that you get that amazing oven-baked turkey texture πŸ™‚

The stuffing, made of herbs, onions and cashew nuts, is then cooked OVER the 3/4 oven-baked turkey thighs and huge onion rings *click*, all within the comfort of an aluminium bag made to release steam so that the turkey doesn’t get soggy. That way, the turkey meat will also absorb the flavours from the stuffing, thereby giving it the intended aroma and taste. The last few minutes of baking was open-aired at the top to brown it, along with sauteed red onions for sweetness.

I thought it was okay, not that impressive but at least it created fun among the housemates! Overall the turkey was a little too dry, seems like more work could be done about it. Definitely will try to improve next round! Thanks to Ben for the much needed help in the kitchen, and Aimran’s sister for the delicious pesto pasta w/ roasted salmon! Aimran, erm, well, I’ll just let Ben taruh you la hor tee hee :mrgreen:

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  • my god. i looooveeeee heavenly home cooked meals. merry xmas and a verryy happy new year, chris! quick come back to malaysia and i’ll get my sp to bring you go jalan jalan cari makan! πŸ˜€

  • crysV: hehe ya meh? Next time you know what to do la; come London visit me!!

    tIcKLe’Me: it may be home cooked meal but it’s not that heavenly la! haha thanks thanks same to you, yes I’ll get my ass off this cold forsaken land and go back soon!
    oh and speaking of your sp, she hasn’t been all faithful to you has she? πŸ˜›

    dy :what an insult!! maybe you should take a look at my past entries! Show one only la, you find the rest yourself hrumphhhh talk like damn easy only pffft. Memang Western style man!

  • Hey Mr Chris! A late merry christmas and an early happy New Year to you my friend. It looks like you cooked up a storm! If nobody dies within two days after eating your food it means you did a good job!
    I have a large dinner party to prepare on New years eve so get your ass to NY to help me. Quick!

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