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As promised, once per day la!! Aih, miss CrysV please be patient can? hahha!


Today I’m going to talk about a certain blogger whom I had the pleasure to meet just before I left to London. This blogger has always intrigued me. We are similars in many ways, yet contrasting in some. I once thought he didn’t want to meet me if I didn’t bring girls along to be introduced to him, but later found out I was so wrong la hehe (my friend, don’t angry k *wink*). And of all days, he called me on the same day I was supposed to fly off!

Guess who’s this?

Best of all, he came to actually get himself Sushi King’s priviledge card, so it was really funny that we didn’t end up eathing there, and instead went to try Ajisen instead, which apparently originated from Singapore!

Apparently to see how good a japanese noodle restaurant is, you must try their ramen because it’s something so basic to a chef, and it tells you almost everything about the rest of the food prepared in their respectives restaurants!

All this was of course told to me by none other than Calvin of himself! It’s the first I got to see close up on how handsome he is πŸ˜› (come on, with that cool hat and baby blue t-shirt, who could resist!)

Salmon Sashimi slices topped with Lemon Mayo. Typical dish but I thought the Mayo was kinda interestingly ZESTY, thus making me crave for more!

Meanwhile, I decided to be safe and ordered the Unagi Chiroshi which was decently tasty, quite a safe dish to have πŸ™‚ Doesn’t it look tasty to you?

Now here’s the best part guys. and girls. His car is not one to be messed around with. Older than his amazingly unyouthful age (can’t say sorry :P), this car has been around for ages. It was transported all the way from East Malaysia, and pretty much survived the rough roads of PJ without taking too much damage. When I said it didn’t take too much damage, I really meant the only things aren’t working are like the winding gears of the window, the doors, the seats were off-coloured etc etc etc the list is endless hehe.

But respect man. The car SURVIVES till this very day. Take a look at the ancient thing!

>I dub it the AncientCalv. And no, it doesn’t say Calvism on the number plate silly, it’s just to protect information from being leaked to the CarGawd in case it wants to take AncientCalv’s long life!

I mean, if that happens, Calvin may as well be dead. The two live hand in hand with each other. So ladies, do remember that dear old Calv here will be using his vintage machine and take you down on a stroll. How else COOL-ER can that be?! What are you waiting for, drop me a comment and I’ll e-mail you his contact details!

Heck, he’ll even throw in his vintage karaoke machine you see below!

How irresistable, eh? Hehehhehe.. respect dude, respect!

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  • michy: why you don’t wanna say?!

    crysV: hehe, no sarcasm at all 😈 i not jeles also, I’m really happy for them okay! I mean, what’s more beautiful than another beautiful person other than you? whhahahha kidding la haha.

    dun la keep running away, one day you’ll be caught πŸ˜‰

  • Euhh… Dumb question…
    What were you doing in his car?
    Now don’t give me the “I’am a mechanic!” answer, that won’t work for me dude! Haha

  • suan: aiyo!! eh where have you been?

    Zemchef: sorry mate, have been on hiatus! so yeah, about being in the car.. hmmm… i don’t know, can’t even give a non-dodgy answer hoho 😈

    michy: whaaaat!!

    calv: I do have the task to make you popiuler what hoho

    Horny Ang Moh: wahrao I know I came visit your site I got scared and fly back here hahhaa

    sweatlee: leleleleh somemore la! haha, dunno if he remembers you or not, but since ur pretty I’m sure he does bwahahah!

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