A Home Cooking series – *GULP*

was a sound I thought Mr Catfish had made. Awkwardly placed lying on the plate, I thought it couldn’t be possible. Nevertheless, I thought I should at least check on the poor frozen thing, just in case it was still alive.

If it was, I’d probably let it go. No, Mr Tock does not have the heart to be a guilty party of any kind of murder.

“Hi, I’m Mr Catfish. I just got thawed from being frozen in the freezer. Do I look delicious to you? I do? Thanks!”

Indeed, Mr Catfish has to be dead. And so I wasted no further second and proceeded to take him to his favourite bath of tumeric, sesame oil and black soy sauce concoction. He enjoys no other bath, because this one makes him smell especially delicious, so very yummy. Of course he needed help to move, the poor thing.

“Hmm. Something smells good. Are we going to have dinner? Yay! :D”

Mr Catfish has always been a funny child. He started playing with noodles when he was just but a tiny tadpole. In the end, I should think he would have loved to be buried together with noodles.

Buried in Indomee Instant Noodles, that is.

Am I evil? NO! I am just. My name is Tock the Just. Heck, even I can be the new CJ in Malaysia if I wanted to. At the very least I could guarantee you that Mr Catfish is safely tucked away in the darkest of chambers, never to re-emerge again…


Here’s a Tiramisu dessert made by Kah Ming the Camel, the size of a shoebox! TO know this talented guy please leave a comment in the shoutbox and I’ll put you through to him. Tankiuvelymuch.

NEXT: Western Dinner

You know you’re the laziest person alive when all you eat for dinner a week in a row is just what you see above. Well, at least the sausages change. Some days Irish, some days Bramby’s Apple filling, some other kinds of sausages. Bleh, at least it’s colourful, no?

NEXT: Fried Meehoon

My housemates and I decided it would be House Cleaning Day last night. Nice what, lovely Saturday evening (fact is it’s almost 5 degrees Celcius outside, so we decided to stay within the comfort of our heaters =P ). So we cleaned. Well, they cleaned. I cooked. Love cooking. They loved it too. My cooking, that is. RIGHT GUYS?

Got the house a new Wok. Need la. A necessity. Of course all the usual sauces, herbs and spices is a must also. Kitchen is my territory. I say get new Wok, I sure get one. And wooden spatula., too.

A close up at the dish: Prawns, Fish Cakes, Chinese Mushroom, Garlic, Sweet and Light Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Egg, Pepper, Chicken Stock w/ Mushroom base, Chilli, Prawn Powder. Missing: Greens. Reason as stated above.

Why I will never accept nothing less than fresh prawns: Sweet and springy meat when slightly cooked, skin used to boil and produce prawn stock for further use, can absorb flavours quickly while being cooked. NEVER GOING TO USE SAINSBURYS COOKED PRAWNS EVER AGAIN!

The end.
ps. – anybody wanna send message to Mr Catfish? His family still in the freezer, can pass to them instead.

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  • Damn that catfish looks scary… did you actually eat it?

    [ATTENTION PEOPLE: If Chris doesn’t update his blog within 24 hours, call an ambulance! He might have something stuck in his throat!]

    [UPDATE: First make sure it’s only a fishbone !]


  • lol..my pc is alive again….i’m not tht busy la..onli busy laughing at my fren’s luv story..muahhaa…omg~so funny~hehe πŸ˜›

    btw,d food looks at bit erm…geli la….

  • Shireen K: Wicked! lol! so when did u start speaking british πŸ˜›

    ZenChef: of course I did! it was so amazingly delicious okay πŸ˜› haha.. a haughty cook, that’s what I am. I wanna be like u one day!

    and no, if anything get’s stuck in my throat, it won’t be anny small fishbone. something larger or thicker will πŸ˜‰

    clem: hahahah will do mate, will do, as long as you don’t complain afterwards

    kyliemc: ok good! why ur pc giving u so much problems, i tot fixed oredi? haha. ok share with me one day =) the food geli? liddat one la before getting cooked geez!

  • oohh… i didn’t know that your every day is calculated every 192 hours. I calculate mine every 24 hours. It just goes to show that “it’s the same, yet different world” ADIOS BABY!!!:mrgreen:

  • haha..coz it’s too old ad…lol…hv 2 buy new 1 πŸ˜› erm..haha…me alwiz c food after they r ready 2 b served…tht’s y uncooked raw ingredients look geli πŸ˜›

  • amazingser: grrr. grr. grrrrrr. busy laaaaa *whines* hahha!

    kyliemc: hahha yeah have to buy new one! and no i no money to donate to you lol. haha. aiyo go do some cooking ler!!!

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