The 23rd Birthday II @ Asakusa, Euston Town

I can’t type much, but I wanna post this pictures up. Read more for the culprits who paid 66 quid for the large, large meal for my birthday. Love you guys yo!

Fresh Sushi Selection. What more can you ask?

Deep Fried Hako, interesting texture for a fish…

A* Recommendation: Tamago-wrapped Unagi with Special Sauce. NOTHING tastes better than this!

Juicy, plushy salmon roe tempts your tastebuds

Ben had Seared Salmon Set, that came with a bowl of rice and miso soup

Meanwhile I had this Teriyaki Fried King Prawns, which LOOKED amazing but unfortunately does not have taste to match πŸ™

Ben was VERY impressed with the thickness of this tamago nigiri. Aren’t you too?

Ben showing he’s not afraid to be a weirdo =.=

Yes, this is Aimran Ghazali who’s of the Melayu Zaman Baru pose

That’s one side of the rioom =)

The authentic Sushi Bar awaits you!

Wanna say something?
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  • Niiice!
    Looks like an interesting meal, for me it always tastes better when i don’t have to pay the bill!
    What about the belly dancers?…they came after dinner? haha

  • clem: for the amount of food we ate (i didn’t put everything here!) it definitely cheap hehe. dun laa convert!!

    Zenchef: yeah, you read me mind! and what belly dancers? my gawd, even jet notices something wrong about it. have you got belly dancer fetishes or something? πŸ˜›

    jet: nice hor!! hahaha.. come meet me and dump that gf of yours and I’ll bring you eat better and better sushi!!

    zthon: thanks!! hahaha… yeah VERY short, couldn’t even take pictures πŸ™

  • 😑
    WOi dun think i didn’t read that!! cis! you’re just jealous you can’t join us, we will be eating our swedish meatballs while u stuff urself with sushi hohoho πŸ˜›

    (fatty) πŸ˜‰

  • Wow… those dishes are just so amazing… sushi is one of the best way to go!
    It’s always so nice when your friends can make time and send the special day with you! Do you take a lot of pictures??
    If you do, your pictures are just amazing!

  • Sushi rocks eh!!

    Eve: why you hate me? hehhe… u come down London la, will also let you enjoy best of eateries in London πŸ˜€
    (of course without exploding your purse :P)

    crysV: now now dun be jeles, sharing is caring ya know? hehhehe… eh something coming up VERY soon hor!! I know you’re near me somewhere, am gonna call you!!

    Jace: I know!

    Destiny: yeah, I am in every way blessed πŸ˜€ Free sushi, great company, nothing could be better πŸ™‚ I do, check out the “Food Rumble” category, you’ll see LOADS and LOADS of food pictures and reviews!

    farhana: thanks, though it wasn’t the best shot… lighting could have been better! aiyo it was okay only, because it was dry. Overcooked or maybe left out for too long before serving to me.. but otherwise okay la! thanks for visiting!

  • hahahaha…i wanted to see if you were paying attention!…yea right hehe 😯 Jet is pretty sharp i must say!
    I guess it’s the Indian dude on the picture that confused me!

  • Is it really that authentic?? Haven’t tasted any authentic ones yet in the UK. The 2 japanese restaurant that I know off in Cardiff are just trickery for guai lo’s… one of them is actually owned by a British Indian with Chinese chefs and Malaysian waiters/waitress.

  • mrbherng: yeah, japanese chef, japanese waitress, japanese owner… can’t get anymore authentic lol!

    Even the surrounding makes you feel like you’re in Japan. None of that pseudo-classy feeling, just pure, authentic Japanese sushi bars.

    You can tell too, cause there was a good mix of ang mohs and japanese eating there. Always gets full after 6.30pm~!

    Nothing like your cases, it seems hehe πŸ˜›

    kyliemc: Ok I will update for you!!

    Zenchef: lol. Belly dancing is an ARABIAN thing hahah!!

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