The 23rd Birthday: #1

I remember the first thing I wanted to do on my birthday is to get an all-new shisha set, and that I did! Together with my housemates (which I’m proud to say is made of 1 chinese, 1 indian and 1 malay, see how muhibah we can get!!) we’ve bought 60 pounds worth of flavours, charcoals and a very atas shisha set.

We dub it The Bridgeway Shisha, made of leather pipe, wide-brimmed top and clustered ice center!

Ben the Indian decided to give it a go, so here he is taking a load of flitered, apple-scented smoke into his mouth…

and the next thing you know, Ben’s so high he’s so damn high!! Look at him go! :mrgreen:

Here’s me doing a ring, that’s an “O”! Watch more in the youtube below, I spent freaking 3 hours making it, and it doesn’t look the way I want it to be! Should have gotten a better song la, but oh what the heck πŸ™‚

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Watch away, and stay tuned for my birthday dinner at Asakusa, a really authentic Japanese restaurant lying in the heart of Euston Town!

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  • omg i thought you photoshoped that pic at first. that is so effing rad dude.. the smoke ring thing lol.

    but isn’t shisha not good for your health? at least from what i read from the papers. sorry to be a spoilsport but just wondering. >.>

  • clem: Well everything’s bad for your health really, but compared to someone who smoke a pack a week or even a person who doesn’t smoke but hangs around those who do, the effect is almost miniscule. Ah in the end it’s all the same hahahahhahaha

    At least I do this once every 2 weeks or so, it’s only fun to share with friends!

  • peekaboo: it’s a naturally born primal instinct 😈

    Zenchef: Nah, you’re just getting vintage. That’s a good thing ya’know? Hahaha… Oh by the way, I’ve already bought the ingredients except replacing vanilla beans with vanilla essence (will just use a hint of it, you know how strong it gets). Can’t wait to see how it forms up!

  • WT *toottttttttttt*
    I think the video was just a lame excuse for you to show your face since u know you’re such a cam-pimp, campimp campimp! hohoho and the song makes me feel like I’m in some Jeng ‘feng tau’ disco 😯 .. tsk tsk πŸ˜›

  • crysV: can u not reveal my secret intentions to the whole world? geeeez heehehe anyway thanks for watching, ur my no.1 fan! πŸ˜€

    Destiny: cool nick lol. Firstly, thanks for visiting =)
    It IS quite an interesting thing. It’s an activity that encourages gathering of friends (each taking turns to suck and blow :P) and learn neat skills but inexpensive, because it goes great with music and pre-food!

    And yes, smoke enough you’ll feel the highness, which is really caused by the lack of oxygen in your brain. You’ll be guaranteed to sleep soundly, but of course it’s wise to drink lots of water πŸ™‚

    Healthiness wise, it’s definitely way better than smoking; firstly in terms of frequency (u tend to shisha less, could be even up to once a month? no addiction whatsoever) and also content. even the worst mollases (that’s the content that gets burned) is 0% tar and 0.01% nicotin for say, 30 sessions.

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