Somewhere Out There – BERSIH Update

Just a little duet for the readers ๐Ÿ™‚

On another note, I had the best apple pie ever, and it looks like this:

Apple Pie with Cream @ Cafe Rouge

Needless to say, orgasmic implosion once again occured right inside my mouth. Why, why, why does it always happen to me! ๐Ÿ˜€

A Little Update on Bersih

Racial Unity

It’s freaking heartening to see people of all races, stature and religion to come together for ANY reason at all, so to see actual photos taken by famous bloggers Pinkpau and Daniel (both with their interesting write-ups- click on their names), I can’t help but to feel a surge of pride for our people, our Malaysians. I’m so proud of everyone, I can almost feel my heart soaring with joy! Seriously, I cannot stress the importance of racial unity in our time… Heck, I’m currently living with a Chinese, an Indian and a Malay, all under the same roof… and I have to say, I’m enjoying every second of it =)

Kudos to all, you have every reason to be proud of yourselves!

Actually, while I’m at it, might as well add a few interesting links here:

Blogger Description
Joker Ang
Mathematician Jeff
Fiery Pinkpau
Gung-ho Daniel
Spicy Nat
listen to Ang talk about BERSIH the hensem man style!
attend a stats lecture taught by a local politician
quiver in fear as Su Ann attempts to instill patriotic justice within your heart
pay attention as Daniel, a rally veteran, teach you the true path to proper rioting
open your eyes to Nat’s proof that he can count better than any other!
Wanna say something?
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  • Sad though, I chatted with some of my friends last night. Some of them was rather cynical about the whole rally. It doesn’t help when there was news that Anwar intended to rally another 200,000 onto Parliament. Couldn’t blame them, but I tried to convince him that his fear for mass rally was unreasonable. True, that rallies could result into violence at some times, but I can assure everybody that even Malaysians in mass rally were peace-loving. They’d only resorted to violence if they had to. The BBC and CNN report was grossly inaccurate, Al-Jazeera gave the best account of the actual event, they understood very well the situation of this country. As far as mass rally concerned, police, as the Bar Council urged, should take part in regulating than to prevent or provoke them. I hope our Malaysian friends will realise that this is not going to be the last time, it’ll sure happen again for many years to come, provided Malaysia finally reclaim her democracy, for this simple fact: Mass rally, small or big, is essential to any democracy, UK and US even, without it, public expression is only restricted to media, and blogs, without the solidarity and pressure of mass rally.

  • Dan-yel: I have that sorta effect ๐Ÿ˜‰ and reading your second comment, seems like you haven’t really woken up yet, have you? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I know what you mean… already I’m getting notices asking me on why was I part of the rally in UK, by different sectors here including friends. I don’t blame them though, on first impulse people will think “oh dear, there he goes taking sides on politics” and what not, so all I have to do is to reiterate that though it’s true that it was led by a few politicaly inclined group, it doesn’t mean the mass force taking part in the rally will “support” them! and this is true for me… in the end, I just want the government, whoever they may be, to treat us better, think for our needs and worries!

    I really, really hope the government doesn’t think we’re all out against them. Don’t make us the enemies, cause we’re not the problem…

    (after rereading my comment, I realised I’m not even in the same frequency as you are =.= Well it IS 3.40am over here.. I’ll probably come back later to recomment hehe.)

  • True that I had only just woken up. And well as for your last sentence, no problem because I tend to beat my points ard the bush and long winded, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • michy: hehe.. I memang starving to death already ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dan-yel: I’ve been pointing out your website to my friends here in the UK, hope you don’t mind =)

    Eve: Yeah, memang tak sangka hor! hahaha.. but rouge cakes rocks!

  • Zenchef: Alsatian Apple tart? Yeah that’s how it was, very creamy and sweet, with none of the sourness usually found in green apples! IF it was made with green apples though.

    Where can I find your recipe? in your blog?

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