Bibimbap V0.7

It was sometime ago when I posted about this dish I made, asking what it takes to make it, right here. It’s funny how the idea transpired: I was with this friend of mine, Alvin Yap from my Uni, and as we were one of the last few left who was still in London, so we decided to cook together. Feeling adventurous, I asked him, “Dude, what type of cuisine do you want?“. Before waiting for a reply, I recalled having a blue bowl (which you will find in the pics) that would be perfect to make Bibimbap, but ala Tock of course hehe… but first, let me summarize what I’ve posted and remind me what a lazy bum I amwhat I promised but haven’t done yet.

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Okay then, without further ado let me present to you…

Making of Seafood Bibimbap V0.2

Preparing the ingredients were easy apart from manually mincing the lamb steak. Already some marinating were involved in the initial process

Alvin, my sous chef, prepared the fillets of Rainbow Trout coated with honey and showered with flour, pepper and salt

The blue bowl I was refering to earlier is at the top right corner, while cooked prawns were bought (it’s hard to get fresh prawns as they are expensive) and finally the leafy Pak Choi to add to the dish’s colour. These ingredients were mainly used to add colours to the dish.

Using Thai Jasmine rice, I added garlic, butter, salt and ginger to make it aromatic and slightly tasty, though not too much! The prawns were added into the rice cooker midway for added flavouring

This sauce, dubbed the “Hakka Sauce” by my housemates, was taught to me by my auntie, and goes well with all kinds of vegetables πŸ˜€ They loved it so much that they asked me to make large portions to be kept inside a bottle for future use lol!

My dear housemates loves Korean food, so it wasn’t a surprise to find a packet of Korean Red Pepper Paste lying around, which was essential for the dish as well!

The cooking process itself was done in the following manner
1. The mince lamb was marinated, fried and laced with brandy which was then flamed to give it a charred, sweet taste
2. The Pak Choi and stripped crab sticks were boiled lightly in salted water and then strained.
3. The Rainbow Trout fillets were fried til golden
4. Two eggs were half-boiled to top the dish
5. These were then arranged accordingly: as defined by the dish itself

After topping it with the Red Pepper Paste and the Half-boiled Egg, I present to you Seafood Bibimbap V0.7 ala Tock! My two tasters, Alvin Yap and Wen Yen, had only praises to sing otherwise they will not expect me to cook for them ever! πŸ˜€

Do remember that every picture in this blog can be clicked on to enlarge it, cause some things are just worth it πŸ™‚

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