Benji the Super Dog

Today I want to pretend that I’m doing a Show-n-Tell class. Yes I know it’s only popular in the US but pretend that I’m am a US citizen as well then, if you please. Wait, but then I’ll have to be obese, larger-than-life and happen to be the most conceited man you’ll ever know. Ah, but then for this I don’t have to pretend; I currently happen to be JUST all that. Sigh, woe is me!


Introducing my lovely dog that I always miss ever so much whenever I’m in the land of mash and bangers (that’s UK for you losers who don’t know =P). The Dog, as he will be refered to from now on, is probably one of the stupidest dogs I’ve ever seen, and I’m not even exaggerating! Ok firstly, let’s take a look at what the Dog is supposed to be:

My Dog, My Benji! Isn’t he the most adorablest creature you’ve ever seen? Can’t you detect the stupidity displayed all over his face? OMG how can you not love the Dog!

OKAY like wtc I’m acting like a girl now. Happy ppl? I’m gay now aren’t I? like, WHATEVER =P

Anyway one day I decided to dye mr Dog to see if he can be any retarder. This is the result:

Lolol just kidding mate, this here is his boyfriend, but he’s so ugly. Yes, I suspect he’s gay after a little incident he had with some other dog. Really!

Nah this is Benji! The Dog! Who does a “Hurricane Tail Blow” move whenever he senses pretty HUMAN girls, cheh.

Though I must say, I wish the Dog can be at least as cute as this litle fella here… Bloody cute can?!

At least the Dog doesn’t look anything like this horrible creature who’s so ugly can vomit shit I tell you! *bluuerrghh*

Okay hor, so we were in the Bandar Utama Dog Carnival thingie, and though Benji is too stupid to join in, after the event I sort of got him to do some tricks, just to show off you know, meet some new pretty girlsdogs?

Hmmm, this kinda looks easy yo. Imma gonna pass thru this in an instant, yo! You mofos out there prepare to be amazed yo, for I the Pimp Doggy-O is gonna rock the town til u drop wagstas!


Yo yo yo did you see that you wagstas! Told u I ain’t no Shits-zu can find anywhere else! Bow to me yo, bow to the Dogsta!

See what did I tell you? Damn I love him so kao kao!! πŸ˜€

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