Sushi Groove @ Bandar Utama

Once again, Koyuuken and I hit the road for some good ol’ Japanese food… with an extraordinary twist! Sushi Groove, of which I’ve heard from SmashPop’s website, boasted a beautiful selection of fusion Japanese cum Western cuisine. Though a little pricey, and there were not many really diverse selection to choose from, certain dishes were definitely a must try (helps that it looks really apetizing too!)

Sushi Groove’s Menu and Upholstery which certainly looks to fill its namesake

Koyuuken grinning sneakily since he loves ordering the “sweet sauce” that people usually don’t know exist in most Jap restaurants. I swear he drinks it down like water!

The ambience in the area gives a pleasant, greeney aura. Love it!

This, is the Little Dragon Roll. It’s lavish blend of fish egg, buttery avocado and assorted fillings leaps out at you, challenging your taste buds.

The Mayonnaise Dream Roll is really just 6 pieces of crabmeat maki topped with SG’s infamous spicy mayo, topped with ebiko that might as well not be there as its taste is drowned by the mayo. It was definitely an interesting snack, but I’d rather have the item below…

The Dynamite Ball looks like your everyday sinful nature: super tasty with, again, SG’s special blend of mayo topped onto a peice of poached salmon and served on a rice ball. Ignore the fish eggs, once again its taste is drowned by the thick, heavy sauce that may not be everyone’s cup of tea after awhile!

The Calamari Popcorn finished the meal quite nicely. Small bites of calamari dipped in fresh batter and fried till Golden, topped with sweet mayo lime turned out to be a scrumptious ending at SGs *click to enlarge as usual!*

In the end though, we left without feeling full, so we headed to Jusco’s deli section and bought ourselves assorted sushi (which in the end costed less than our meal at Sushi Groove). At home we watched a movie while enjoying the sushi, and we both agreed that this was a better alternative so I would have to give Sushi Groove a 2 of 5 rating, with special attention to their unique blend of flavours and design.

MIFC Day 2: Team Global

Qi Zhen, Cheeso and myself posing behind the first series of Team Global’s 6-minute long presentation

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