iDolled? More like iDogged!!!

Cheeso had one of those “I WANT TO MEME EVERYONE AGAIN” moment and I finally got the time to do something about it. (Mainly cause she did a step-by-step instructed post so I follow only lah!)

The problem was, though I considered myself a veteran, I didn’t know what she did in between those steps, and me being the lazy ass I am, I just… tried a shot… and this is what I got!!

This isn’t iDolling… Introducing, iDogging!!
This is iDogged Tock & iDogged Tim *wags tail*

Yes peeps, iDoll is now a thing of the past! I’ve accidently introduced the latest fad: iDogging. Using me and boss stewie as models, you can tell that cutesifying your face will not only make you the cutest thing ever, but maybe even earn you a few brownie points with the dogs of the opposite sex! That is, if you’re into that kind of thing =P

This is the original picture. Yes it was taken recently, and yes, I’m fat now and boss is super red. lol!

Last but not least, here’s a suprise for you…


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    Anyway i thought it was some other girl!!!6667778889991010101.

    Geli la your iDog. Failo Finitto.

  • Ringo: u remembered where it came from lol… no nice meh? ur face too long la, kenot iDoggify properly haha!! Anyway, that’s your meme done =P

    Ying Bin Sousa: Hiya! How u found this site? I dun remember commenting on Ringo’s blog =P the picture look like we’ve been beaten up hor lol… it’s a mix of pinching, bloating and burning!!

    michy: you la, somemore have to add iCowed and iWoofed lol

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