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You know what’s the oddest thing ever about blogging? Just check your stats and you may find about the most random stuff ever, for instance, being linked at unknown (read: utterly unrelated) websites.

Well, it doesn’t help that I did some silly stuff as well, for instance, I once bought this domain name called www.italkcrap.com(don’t bother clicking, it redirects to this blog address), thinking of starting up some really retarded website to collect shittywitty stuff people say over the years, but I never had the time to continue this mini-project of mine. Maybe I should start now, so do let me know where I can find really witty people who can come up with random sentences powerful enough to induce laughter in a crowd. Wait, maybe I’m asking for too much. Why don’t you volunteer? ๐Ÿ˜€

At least this way, these people won’t find themselves in my silly ol’ blog without any reference whatsoever to www.italkcrap.com. And for my reference (and maybe yours too), it’s the 6th post from the top where they mentioned the site in between their weird arguement about… cars.

Consequently, I never fail to be amazed on how many people visit this site through boss stewie’s and sherve’s blog. The staggering numbers show that in between my hiatus period and now, random people would be clicking on my link on their blog just to 1) either be very pat about popular blogger’s (like boss or sherve’s) friends or 2) generally love me so much they keep coming back for… almost non-existent updates lol. Through my humility, I prefer to think the former is true more often then the latter, but for the sake of my ego, let’s assume that everybody just loves Tock! ๐Ÿ˜€

Most recently though, are visitors coming over from Pinkpau’s blog. If you noticed, it took just only 3 days before her blog was popping up as my top 20 referrers, and the numbers are by no means a true representation of the total visitors who came from her blog, on just one of her comments on a post no less! So peeps, here’s the moral of the story: comment on Pinkpau’s blog, and you’ll be propelled to some instant fame in the blogging field =P


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