Yiing Ting's Birthday @ Fifteen's

For Yiing Ting’s birthday this year, we’ve decided to do it a month before the real day AGAIN, as you would recall it was the same for last year at Brighton. But instead of the plush stoney beach and pretty sunny seafood, we decided to do something a little more classy and sent ourselves instead to the doorsteps of Fifteen, a restaurant started by Jamie Oliver meant to help underpriviledged chefs… Does this mean I am eligible to apply to train there too? πŸ˜›

We had the Taster Menu, which costed a whopping 60 pounds, but I thought all in all we had great food, great atmosphere and even better service from the elite waiters and waitresses there! Anyhow, once again we shall let the pictures do their thing! (Once again, click on the pictures to enlarge!)

The Menu looks impressive enough, and the choices for the meals are quite decent and full of variety!

A glance around gives a classy feeling, and rightly so as we were dressed up for the occasion =D

The Starter: Italian herb bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing and pickled whole Olives.

James and Mel from LSE makes 2 of the 9 who attended this celebration.

Tell me if the setting doesn’t whet your appetite and I swear I’ll take you here to experience it!

Focaccia from ‘The Flour Station’
Mixed salumi flavoured with cherry, truffle, saffron and porcini

Left: Kimberly, Yiing Ting, Sonia
Right: Vinoth, Ka Shing, Boon Wy (aka Jon =P)

Pinkish cocktail menu makes the ladies very happy lol

Pre-Prima Course: – They surprised us with this, one spoon each of course… it was surprisingly yummy!
A spoonful of Scallop with
1) Ginger 2) Promogrenade juice 3) A hint of lemon 4) Olive oil 5) Coriander leaf 6) What else?

Bruschetta of freshly picked Devonshire crab with crunchy celery, brown crab dressing and fennel tops

Verdict: The sweet meat of the crab flown from Devonshire could only be paired by the dressing, which made a sweet, tantalising combination.

Yet another starter:
Buccleuch beef tartare with radish salsa, wild rocket leaves and shaved pecorino
The Verdict: The raw beef which had a scent of sweetness coupled with strong flavours from the rocket leaves leaves nothing to imagination…

Prima Dish:
Risotto with Clams, Mussels and assorted others

Secondi Dish:
Shoulder of Welsh lamb with marinated aubergine, braised spinach and wild garlic pesto
The Verdict: An interesting experience, the lamb was perfectly cooked within the tasty skin, giving an explosive orgasmicly-induced sensation when chewed.

Of course, the birthday girl should be feature too hehe… HAPPY BIRTHDAY YT!

Vanilla panna cotta with honey roasted plums and shortbread. Sweeet!

The birthday girl and the lot of us were suprised when the waiter came out with this surprise, with candle somemore!
So tell me, how good is their service when we didn’t even request for this? πŸ˜€

Amalfi lemon tart with lime syrup and yoghurt – Sinfully sweet (though it doesn’t look as good as Val’s cake!)

A choice of two cheeses (Goat and Burbuu), served with Medjool dates, lingue di suocera and fresh chutney
Perfect finishing for cheese lovers.. like me =P

Look at all those faces of contentment… lol… they let us stay till past 12am, so accomodating…

Suffice to say our trip to Fifteen turned out better than expected… Now, wipe those drool of your face, they look disgusting! Hahaha… well then, I guess I’m off to my last presentation in Imperial, do wish me luck, and before I go let me post this picture the last time I was at Fifteens (this was my second time)… AH CANNoT find la next time la okok can?!

And next up I promise you, Agong’s birthday & Birmingham trip #1!!!

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  • Woohoo first!
    Ok i’m gonna perasan here and pretend that this post was especially dedicated to me since you did said you were going to show me! :mrgreen:

    But Oh so yum! you know I think it’s super worth it as well, all those dishes look like they were made 1st class, i would so super try it for 60 pounds but erm.. my dad is probably not gonna very happy if he finds out how much I spend on food, so.. *shhh* but we should indulge in life’s little luxuries from time to time right? *self-convince* πŸ˜†

    Anyway, of all the dishes, i’m attracted to that bruschetta photo the most (maybe bcoz i’m numb to all the other Italian influenced dishes) but I’m sure it tastes as good as it looks! Oh wonder if the ‘Lingue di suocera’ tasted anything like ‘inlaws’ πŸ’‘ coz they literally mean ‘tounges of the in laws’ in Italian! hehe, just some random facts of the day.

    Ok, looks like my ‘comment’ turned out to be more like a blogpost.. maybe you should hire me to write for you some time hehehe πŸ˜›

  • crysV: kla, mmg this post intended for you want, so u can be perasan all u want haha! wahrao, can comment like this for all my post can? at least now it looks like got ppl visit… so actually the hidden fact is: nobody reads my blog la! so dun need to put “FIRST” or sumthing, hahahha… though I’m so very touched *tears* hehee

    Oh, yes, how much do you cost then? lol!

    L.vo: you doooo?! hahahaa, now too late edi my good man πŸ˜€ nvm nvm i go back we sama-sama go have great foodstuff yeah πŸ˜‰

  • Karen Q: hahha, I’m sure you can find nice restaurant laa πŸ˜€

    La’encier: oooh.. I can only wish ^^

    Dani: haha, yeah!! it was excellent πŸ˜€

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