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So here I was, suddenly facing one of the busiest weeks of this year 2007. From CNY gathering to International Night 2007, I was kept on toes doing my best juggling between final year and… well, partying =P


Chinese New Year Celebration

Thanks Andy for buying us a bottle of wine! GONG HEI LEI!

As usual, Mazzy and I never left the camera alone! Do we Mazzy? πŸ˜€


No food pics though, it was twerrible πŸ˜₯

Super Dancer Online

I’m so proud of myself, this is the BEST I’ve done on a level 10 song!!

After a healthy dose of SDO, I then proceeded to Ra’s Hawaiian-Style House Parteh, but not before having McDonald’s Chicken Strips!

McDonald’s Chicken Select

For it’s price, I thought it was worth it… Quite yummy!

Does it look delicious to you? Turns out to be quite good, but maybe because it’s new hehe…

Ra House Party

You have no idea: they turned the house into a clubbin’ scene!!! Way COOL!

All smileeee!! (In actual fact, I’m the only person who knows Ra, the rest met her through me lol :P)

How loooww can you gooo! This girl beat us all to smitherins!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="480" height="376" fvars="mediaId=189209 ; affiliateId=44205" wmode="transparent" /]
The scene at the house parteh!

Next up was International Night, which was just yesterday… I’m proud to announce that the event was a HUGE SUCCESS!! Here’s the brochure I made, together with Charlotte‘s poster design! πŸ˜€

International Night 2007

Here’s one of the rehearsal pictures, presenting the Tap Dancers by Dance Company!

Tap Dancing Finale!!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="480" height="376" fvars="mediaId=189188 ; affiliateId=44205" wmode="transparent" /]
The belly dancerss!

WOW! That was a lot of stuff πŸ˜€ Have yet to fulfil my desires to eat in the following places though, so let this be the places to eat list of 2007!

Fifteen – by Jamie Oliver DONE
• UK: £40
• UK: £70
Gordon Ramsay NOT YET
• UK: £100++
The Fat Duck London NOT YET
• UK: £160++

Wanna say something?
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  • Oi tocky, you damn rich la, niama I can’t even afford duck anymore you show me your list of gordon ramsay and fat duck. Niama, whoever said that only michelin star restaurants have good food. sigh…………… rich bugger 😯

  • Shit!!! This fella eat nice foods never bring me go one!!!!!! Not even once!!!! :mad:ishhh ishh…. jealous only!!!!!!!!!

  • Boss Lepton: Hehe, yaloooo, once in a lifetime ma! Won’t go back again one la (that is, if the food’s not good =P) hehe… Just wanna see what’s the hype about, though it’ll burn a whole in my wallet…

    OH WELL, at least I know this Sunday I’ll have a good, wholesome delicious meal with Mr Four Season’s Roast Duck *YUM*

    koyuuken: Okay la, you fly here I take you eat? πŸ˜›

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