Renaissance – Last clubbing of the year!

I SWEAR I SWEAR I SWEAR that there will not be any more clubbing for this academic year! Well, I’ve only been to two so far but I suppose that’s my share of pleasure + socializing time done for this academic year. Sad, I know =P

Individual project is now finally on the way, what with my OpenCV implementation on the roll, although I shall be coding in C++, the least of my favourite languages, but oh well a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…

Otherwise I’m just thinking of upgrading two of my websites, which are the Bandar Utama Residential Portal and my site… Seems that they’ve been getting some number of hits and it’s pretty embarassing as both the sites look so outdated… Maybe in the next month or so =)


Crazy people on the looose!

The cause of my sins, if not for them I would be studying my ass off =P

The King of News, XL’s my radio station for everything new :grin:

Piggy piggy I’ve got to hold you down or you’ll FLY!

Mazrah Mazrah Mazrah, we almost burnt this picture didn’t we? TOO HOT!

We’re not doing anything funny, honest!

Last picture la, I know you’re getting bored of her *grin*

Ermm… I suppose I feel loved? Haha good for you Alvin Choong bruv!

Sigh, it’s been awhile. Right now I’ve got to get back to work and get the job of my dreams here in London… Come on world, I’m here for you!


A friend of me pointed out some people in my blog appeared in another picture here, and who do I find? A certain MR TAN QI ZHEN and MAZRAH THE CAMWHORE! Haha… it’s a small world indeed, also just found out that Sherve is a friend of my cousin’s (and maybe my sister too). Holla! πŸ˜€

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  • Why are you bored of me? πŸ™ Well don’t hope cause I ain’t gonna go clubbing anymore haha… Dang la these people are my sister’s year, feels so weird haha!

  • xyz: hehe thanks for the comments. It’s temporary only though because I’m working on a new one, to showcase more of what I can do! Where were you? πŸ™

    sherve: yeah i know you were there, haha! in fact I think Samuel sort of showed me around you djians, but it was a rush la didn’t get to know all of you young ppl haha (paiseh feel old edi =P)
    Actually Yen Leng was the one who pointed me out to your blog cause Mazzy was there too!

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