Exclusive Jogoya Meet 2006

I know, I know… A super-long-overdued post is indeed in line here. My reasons:

  1. I am still at lost on how I am supposed to continue writing about my Slovenia trip… there’s just so much more photos to upload, and Malaysian internet connection just SUCKS MAJOR BALLS!
  2. I keep procastinating… and I’ve been going out a lot! (contrary to what I thought I was gonna do when I reach back home… in fact, instead of trying to stay in, I’m even considering moving out of this house.. Don’t know why, but I feel like my house just doesn’t feel like home anymore…)
  3. I am doing a lot of things which I can type about, but due to reasons 1 and 2, I keep postponing my write-up and eventually the next event catches on before I can write about it, and this viscious cycle continues until today!

Pretty, pretty Star Hill Restaurants! *click pic to enlarge*

So, I must apologize for the long wait hahahha.. if anyone even bothers to come visit anyway, since the last post here is like, what, ages ago? Even so, if those people decide to stop visiting, it’s their lost cause the pictures to come are fantabulous! Featuring celeb bloggers like SmashpOp, Koyuuken and Boss Stewie, it is obviously a high-profiled meet in an even more extravagant meeting place, the famed Jogoya! Wow… I think I may still be all starry-eyed over the whole event!

Fire Lamps in the Sky | Pretty Witty In A Row

Starlight Chandeliers, Star Hill Wonders…


The Three Stoodges at Mariotte

Okay that was childish, heh. But seriously, bloggers are humans after all. What’s so special about them? I mean, so what if smashpOp has over 1000 hits a day? Or that Boss Stewie’s hits come up to 8 figures? Or the fact that Koyuuken, with his measly number of updates in this past 1 month can still attract so many shouts and comments? Sigh, so overrated, I say!

My first round… Looks impressive eh?! Guess how many we had in total πŸ˜‰

Both Koyuuken and SmashpOp took this… and lived to tell the tale =P

Pray tell, my fellow friends. I beg to know. Aku bukannya katak di bawah tempurung, yah? Oh wait, no no no no no, you can’t be seriously thinking that I’m jealous, are you? Or even envious at all at their figures? No no no, I beg to differ. You’ve got it all wrong… I’m not green in envy at all when people talk about THE Boss Stewie like some God of Laughter figure. Heck, maybe it’s the fact that he’s ever elusive when it comes to meeting people! Well, here’s the good news guys and girls, he’ll be making an appearance in the soon-to-be-biggest Bloggers Meet on the 29th of July. Now grab your cameras and go pose with him!

The assorted dishes we greedily grabbed with utmost kiasuness

Sweet Coconut and Refreshing Soup… YUMM!!

Or are you, somehow or rather, in super-awe with THE SmashpOp, the super-celeb blogger who never fails to “fail” his fellow readers? Great pictures + Super captions + Visually stunning design + Being handsome & tall makes him unequalled in our midst, which even THE Koyuuken agrees to. Some of his quirks are like his infamous SmashpOp Jump which even some pOpfans consider making a national event out of! Who knows, who knows, he could be the most influential person after the Prime Minister. In that case, you guys better go make a friend out of him first, and here’s the catch: you can meet him at the Bloggers Meet too!

The Fantastic King Crab… better be worth RM80 per person!

What’s Jogoya & their RM100++ price… without Fresh Sashimi?

About THE Koyuuken, needing no introduction, he’s the man who had Dim Sum buffet twice within a short period. I think that’s a Superman-inducing capability that I cannot possibly match, even with my huge stomach! No less a celeb-blogger, this man is as humble as pie (I never really get why people associate humbleness with pies, go figure) and would never harm a fly! (it just rhymes =p) I am really indebted to him, since he has already drove me around not once but twice since we met… and recall his previous experience with fetching people around, you will realize how grateful am I to this person =)

Ming, SmashpOp, Spinzer, Koyuuken & Boss Stewie in a row!

Now, what else is left to say? Ming and myself are all that’s left in the Meet, and yet, due to our small (almost tiny) existence in this blogging community (and my short-lived fame due to the innocious webcamming session with Stewie) I don’t think I want to further ridicule myself. Oh, wait, even Ming is the director of a successful online business website. Which leaves me. Stumped. Hmmm.

Bah. Whatever. *goes to sleep*

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  • Wow… nice photos leh!!! Better than my dumb camera!!!

    I have already forgotten about my previous experiences! I drive you because I treat you as my friend. You dumbass!!! LOL!!! Stop thinking to pay back to me!!! :mrgreen:

  • haha is the connection really that slow? well but how can you even not like being at your own home!! ………

    the pics are great though.. πŸ˜‰

  • smashpOp: Hey, don’t la say until I’m the celeb here, mr Superstar! hahaha.. thanks for coming out and joining us humble bloggers man =)

    koyuuken: Where got woooor… your photos also nice what =P thanks man… I owe u lots! Come la quick to my house πŸ˜€

    xyz: Really one… internet so slow.. my room is not my room… now not feeling too well… have to study oredi.. aih, not going too well la i suppose. You have one more month to go =)

    serena: serena, be nice yeah or i’ll… *censored*

  • huhu looking forward to the slovenia pics. i can wait hehe. nothing makes me feel more excited than seeing travel pics. πŸ™‚

  • xyz: There will come a point in life where you’d rather move out… I guess I’m at that point… but first, I will need to excel in life!

    clem: hey you still come and visit! coolness hehe… thanks man, I will try even harder now to continue posting on the slovenia trip :mrgreen:

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