Continuation: Slovenia #3

The Vintgar Gorge

Firstly, if you haven’t been following the set of posts of my Slovenia Trip since day one, here are Slovenia #1 and Slovenia #2 so that you can follow up in this exotic adventure. And now, let’s get back to the trip at hand…

Before we proceeded the hike towards the Vintgar Gorge, we had quite a heavy lunch in one of the famous restaurants in the area, popular for it’s wild mushroom soup, amongst other delicacies. Here are some photos of the food we thoroughly savoured before our 40 minute hike towards the Gorge. Can you imagine how they taste like? πŸ˜‰

Wild Mushroom Soup: very uniquely flavoured

Cream Pork Chop, certainly not found commonly

Remember the sausages? These are it!

Scampi Risotto, freshly caught and skewed!

With our energy replenished and set to go for one of our most adventurous trip (in a trip, :P), we headed for our 40-minute hike towards the beautiful Vintgar gorge. Explaination will be after these gorgeous photos, since none of them needs any comments to convey the words they hold…

If I didn’t know better, I should mark these pictures with my watermark… But dang I can’t really be bothered πŸ˜› No offense to you bloggers out there but it takes so much time to edit photos, wherelse I just use Picasa2 to resize them and w.bloggar to upload and publish my post… Certainly the lazy man‘s way of doing things πŸ˜€ So how was it so far? Did you enjoy them? Do you suddenly feel the urge to visit Slovenia and see the things that I saw? I really hope you enjoyed my experience, as I’ve enjoyed them… Well, there’s more to come so keep on coming back!

Coming up next…

Watch as Caryn, Alvin, YT, Sheng and myself walk through the long Slovenian roads to a path beyond imagination…

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  • I like the photo of the wooden bridge going around the corner, and the sunlight hitting the rocky face and part of the bridge with the dark blue water running below. NICE!!!!!! I’m so envious!!!!!

  • tonyyy: hey! all the pics i took myself k πŸ˜› hehe… the sausage mmg look like that, but of course the taste is another thing altogether πŸ˜€

    boss stewie: oi, why not lar! they’re NOT my sausages lar… if it is also I ain’t gonna cook them for ya πŸ™„

    iCeD`CoOl : who are the girls indeed πŸ˜€ you come to london and just maybe i’ll introduce them k? πŸ˜‰

    Applegal: hey thanks thanks!! your comments will keep me going on =) I’m going to Penang for holiday so taking more photos there… wah, you made my day πŸ˜€

  • your taking photos skills very good le.. πŸ™„
    so remember to take more pics in penang la since u r back to pg.. enjoy ur holidays man!

  • tonyyy: hey thanks man =) but no I don’t live in penang lar, so boring over there…. Joking la Stewie, thanks for the fun man!

    pikey: yeah it was… and super fattening at the same time man lol who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to eat it one day =)

    All: I’ve recently managed to burn myself with a flaming sambooka… Injured part of my face and neck, more details (and pictures, sigh) to come, but aaaaiihhhh let’s hope it’s not permanent because I look HIDEOUS now!! Vainpot Anonymous Gang, what will you do without me? :'(

  • ooo i tot u from penang pula.. so whr u from? must be kl i guess.
    i just saw your friendster, found that u really camwhore! haha:lol:

  • You’re at Slovenia?? Mana itu tempat?

    The pictures are so blady good.. tempting me to get out of this slightly stressful college life for a while. maybe during term break.

    I love your pics.. all very well-taken. πŸ˜€

  • Hi Suai Ge,
    It’s me again, long time no tock. Yummy the sausages look delicious, too good to eat them…are they urs?

  • tonyyy: I from Bandar Utama… Shifted from Taman SEA before, and before that SS4… So yea can say I PJ lang lar hhaa… And yes now u know i’m camwhore, but dun make me malu lar sheeesh, i actually put my pictures there to see how much I’ve grown over the years la haa 😳

    clem: Slovenia is in between Austria and Croatia, and considered one of the smallest Europian country in EU. It is also the cheapest since they baru just shifting currency to Euro, but still using Tolars which if you have read, is a very, very small currency!
    You should go for holiday break lar hehe… go and take pictures and put on ur blog =) Thanks for ur compliments!

    swee: hehe, I didn’t choose the risotto cause it’s not really my cup of tea. you have a damn nice food blog too πŸ˜€ where you from?

    guess who: yes yes I remember u a bit bit hehe.. the sausages yummy ah? it’s not mine, but mine’s juicier and fuller πŸ˜‰

  • icic, so no more going back to uk? or still having holidays?
    haha u will malu one meh? i tot u having a thick face wat.. wahaha well, i think those like to take pics ppl will like themselve as camwhore!! πŸ˜†

  • lol…those are not sausages πŸ˜‰ they are called cevapcici and yes, they are very very delicious.

    Nice to see you visited us πŸ˜‰ come back πŸ™‚

    • Andrej!! Are you from mother town at Slovenia? OMG!! This is so cool can I have your contacts please?

      Hope I didn’t do too much injustice to your beautiful, BEAUTIFUL town! (i haven’t even shared the part where we biked to caves and such!)

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