Slovenia Trip #1

After much delay, or in fact, a super-duper long delay to some (:grin:) I’ve finally found sometime to upload a few pictures. Every picture will be followed by a brief explanation whenever possible to give a better insight on the situation. It will be in a few batches and only selected pictures are shown (if you want to see more, come see me :mrgreen:) due to limited space and time and many bad shots. Ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax and enjoy the show 😉

Wizz, one of the best budget airlines out there, was our medium of transport to the little country Slovenia wedge between Italy, Croatia and Austria.

What’s Tockism without his food pictures? This is my first Pret’s sushi pack, and I must say it was quite amazing! Sainsbury’s still better though 😀

A view from the window seat to the clouds beyond. The blue bliss beckons…

The city of Ljubjana, a little young in terms of tourism hence quite a modern town and relatively safe. Quite a historic place.

We reached the hostel and saw this on the door, and can’t quite stop laughing after that! Of course we found the place immediately after… I must commend on the drawing! 😀

The amount of rent we had to pay for our hostel… look at the load of money scattered on the desk!! Hehe, yes we feel so rich suckas!!

This piece of dessert is one of the Golden Trios of Slovenia, made of poppy nuts and various other ingredients that you wouldn’t normally use on cakes. Simply amazing!

A night scenery on the Triple Bridge, one of a more recent artifact of the World War… With the harmonic locations of lights, the view was simply exquisite to say the least!

My four fellow travelmates and thus we form the Poser Anonymous Gang (PAG for short)… Say “Hi!!!!!”

All five of us in the picture. Yes, like I said, PAGs in action! Picture a bit on the dark side though… but I think it makes us look better, no? 😀

A night shot at the River of Ljubjanica… Pretty, pretty lights!

I’m in a rush, so this post is made in “Rush Time”… I’ll talk about it next time but for now just enjoy the pictures yeah =) Now preparing to leave for Wimbledon’s Grand Slam World Tennis Championship, who’s queue can last up to 6 hours!! Wish me luck peeps :mrgreen: Oh, and as a next treat, the picture below is refered by the locals as the Lake which is Not a Lake. Look out for more!

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  • Finally, new update! Must complain and scold only will update huh? You know, I was so curious the place you travel. Okay please! Enough of the japanese foods. Everytime you post photos sure got japanese foods one. 🙁 I want to eat………! Slovenia? Don’t know where is it, but wish I am there also!!! 😛

  • wow, the place is awesome! and so many nice food as well. somemore it costed so expensive.. nvm u can afford one.. eat more more lo hehe how come the air plane looked like air asia type.. hehe

  • koyuuken: Hehe.. I had to go and post about Nobu right after you commented about this somemore 😛 Not many people heard about Slovenia, but it’s a damn nice place, and very cheap as well! Maybe one day, who knows, you may be there too =)

    tonyyy: hehehe, nice ah? I have many more pictures 🙂 Coming soon, I promise… By the way, the things there is very cheap because it’s a very small country… So it’s cool! :mrgreen:

  • […] Firstly, if you haven’t been following the set of posts of my Slovenia Trip since day one, here are Slovenia #1 and Slovenia #2 so that you can follow up in this exotic adventure. And now, let’s get back to the trip at hand… Before we proceeded the hike towards the Vintgar Gorge, we had quite a heavy lunch in one of the famous restaurants in the area, popular for it’s wild mushroom soup, amongst other delicacies. Here are some photos of the food we thoroughly savoured before our 40 minute hike towards the Gorge. Can you imagine how they taste like? […]

  • thanks Yen! who might you be? hehe… sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog… Malaysian connection is an arse to behold :mad::mad:

    when i’m back in UK, which will be on the 1st of September.. now, things will start to get rolling… for the better or worse ^_^

  • I started reading your blog a few weeks ago.. haha.. just a blog surfer 😉 i couldnt agree more with the connection here.. even my korean friends keep complaining~! which part of UK ur in??

  • korean friends? where r u at now? Korea? coolness! haha…

    I’m situated at South Kensington in London… near Imperial College mah lols… oh by the way I’m going to Tioman this weekend to get my PADI Scuba Diving Certificate woo hoo! Come back next week for updates 😀

  • noooooooo~~~ 🙁 im still stuck here in Malaysia… huhu… just got to know some Koreans here, and they complained a bit about our connection speed 😛

    ur getting a diving cert?!?! cool~~ haha too bad im sked of fishes.. if not i would get one too :mrgreen::lol: Have fun in Tioman!! take carezzz


  • Wah, Koreans here in Malaysia? They lost ka, their country so much funner to be in! 😀 hehe… yeap, read my latest post (although it’s not really much, just got back from Tioman only) but I promise I’ll put more pics up, at least after my underwater pictures are developed 😀

    Scared of fishes ah? … something wrong with u ka =.= hahha.. take care too =)

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