LengMou, to be continued!

They say a way through a guy’s heart is by their stomach… So it’s no joke when 3 freshly roasted ducks became the source of reason as to why the lengmous’ (aka Boss Stewie & Boss Lepton) decision to continue blogging for the world!! Three cheers for the Bosses!

Initially I really wanted to beat Boss Stewie’s record of 5 ducks for 4 people… That’s a whopping 1.25 duck per person! Unfortunately Qi Zhen decided that he doesn’t want to spend so much money we decided against it and settled for 3 ducks instead, to feed 5 people. That’s just 0.6 duck per head, not good, not good at all πŸ™ Still, we had 2 tau foo dishes and vege to go with it which makes a very yummy dinner!

That’s Qi Zhen saying “Me no money for ducks, but if Boss Lepton chiang then lai lai ducky ducky I wanna eat youuu!

So here we were, at Four Seasons (again!) and having the time of our lives eating ducks, which turned from this:

to this

in less than 20 minutes… hence we thought that we should proceed to order another tau foo dish (a boss stewie favourite) and another whole roast duck! Crazy? I know!

To commemorate this highly auspicious event, I even presented the Bosses with free tickets to any movie at any VUE cinema, for anytime and day! Perfect for a little “catching-up” ya know? That is, with Boss Stewie’s gay tendencies I mean πŸ˜€

We finally ended the day (and effectively my last outing with the Bosses EVER in London) with a group picture, consisting of (from L to R): Boss Stewie (fatty), Boss Lepton, Me, Zhon Wei & Qi Zhen.

Life is certainly very good these days :mrgreen: I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future… although it may be riddled with problems and whatnots, I will always cheer up thinking of these silly things that happened in my life (which incidently, one of them, I found out, was that Boss Lepton has a very scary way of walloping oranges like yam-ing sui only… we had to fight the oranges off him!! :wink:)

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  • Oh me gawd…. reading this post make me salivate… I can never get enough of the juicy (and fatty) roast duck at Four Seasons… Die lar sure get fat!! 😳

  • wa, each one of u finished up one plate of duck? so geng lar ur ppl’s stomach! wat so nice about duck? a bit smelly sometimes the meat :p do more exercises then :p

  • bluey: I definitely fatter la bluey… Stewie is “on-da-way” only :mrgreen: that is, if he keeps up this duck orgy πŸ˜€

    stewie: boss, dun la curse in my blog… somemore not I started you being fat one wut hehe πŸ˜†

    tonyyy: we didn’t lar hehe.. only 3 ducks between five of us πŸ™‚ well, I guess you haven’t tried the ones in Four Seasons… No smell cause finely roasted and very very good sauce to go along!

  • Aha.. u means 3 plates? or 3 of them r ducks.. ROFL :p
    what is the four seasons about u mention? maybe should try out the roasted wt sauce one next time haha πŸ™„

  • meeeee: really? aaawww I’ll inform Qi Zhen about it 😈

    tonyyy: hehe… Four Seasons is a Chinese restaurant in Bayswater, London, and it’s famous since ever for it’s roast duck!

    koyuuken: Basket you koyuuken, u wanna die ah πŸ‘Ώ

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