Freaking Captain Tock?!

Oh. My. Gawd. I’ve never thought that my surname can live up to it’s uniqueness. I mean, come on, how often do you know a person with the surname TOCK?! Freaking hell, I’m a damned rare specii okay. It is upon ME as the oldest male of my generation to extend the legacy of Tocks!

Of course, this goal became the ultimate objective for my lifespan on this side of the universe.

So it chanced upon me when Fireangel of the wrote about a play called The Fastest Clock In The Universe, and guess what, ONE OF ITS CHARACTER IS NAMED CAPTAIN TOCK!! I mean, I call this a breach of copyright! Boo sama Malaysian theatre productions, who never did notify our family before plugging in our exotic surname 😑

Doesn’t help that this Captain Tock is a freaking GAY! Come on, I have had enough of gayness with Mr Stewie… The more I read about it the more I could feel fumes spouting from every orifice of my body! Dahlah the guy acting as Captain Tock isn’t as handsome as me… Well, at least according to Mr Coffee who said that I look like Lee Hom in my sunglass :mrgreen: Riiiiight? lol… Honestly it should have been acted by Jeremy or Niki instead, as they’re quite cute (compared to this Ari Ratos lar.. Cool name though) πŸ˜€

Haih, what is happening to the world?! Captain Tock… might as well I change my name to Gaylord Tock la! When I go back on the 6th July, I’ll definitely get my hands on the tickets to this Fastest Clock show thingie… It’d better be good, cause I’ll be chasing them for some royalty cash hehe πŸ™„

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