Boss Stewie, Lonely Rocker and mua!

The third of its series this year, the trio has undergone quite a few life-changing events in between the span of time of their Quaterly-dinner. This one, however, is the penultimate dinner prior to the Roast Duck Dinner @ Four Seasons that marks “The End of” which involves Boss Lepton treating Boss Stewie for losing on the “lengs” by 3!

Stewie & Lonely Rocker talking cock discussing issues

Handsome Boss Stewie *hooooot*

Errrr… Camwhoring session? :mrgreen:

The Reds doing Peanut-butter & bananana milkshake!

When the waitress served us, she asked us if we were working in the same place because all of us look like we’re wearing some red uniform! Well, mine was really a working shirt, cause if you notice it’s the shirt that Shakeys had 3 years back πŸ˜‰ She also thought Boss Stewie was someone who worked in one of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, whom she apparently recognizes! Oh well, Boss Stewie, looks like you may be fated to be the “lou pan” of some Chinese restaurant in London hehe!!

Heroes of the day: Boss Stewie @ Mr Mole, Lonely Rocker @ Tan Qi Zhen and The Spinz, Mr Tock πŸ˜€

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  • LOL!

    Tock … arent u the guy whom stewie said did the MSN webcam convo with him?

    LOL.. nice blog. will be a regular reader frm now on, since lengmou is comin to an end.

    *sigh* πŸ˜₯

  • bluey: cannot la, no one can ever replace lengm0u hehe.. my blog is more personal one, won’t be that nice to read. Somemore right, i get less visitors than lengmou, only 4 (of his 8 visitors) boo hoo πŸ™ anyway watch out for lengmou shirts to commemorate the end of his blog!! 😎

    koyuuken: what i do har, what i do? πŸ˜› yeahlo, nevermind in Malaysia we take another picture… then we have the DUCK family! :mrgreen:


    why do i have one of my eyes closed in one of the pictures?

    was I winking? cuz if i was it was a piss poor job that i was doing

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