Colours of Exams

Exams are in 5 days time, and I’ve never felt any more peaceful with myself. Ever had that sensation before? It’s as if you already know what to do, what to expect. It’s like a feeling of ephemeral calm washing over you, sweeping away all anxieties and frustrations.

And yet, an unidentified sixth sense is sounding the false alarm of varying pitches and tones. No, not of ghosts and spirits and what-nots; we aren’t living in the world of movies, so snap out of it. I’m not denying their existence, but whoever said the sixth sense is what that detects objects of spiritual nature? Hollywood, that’s what!

Fear, where art thou?
Always eluding, always at the corner of the darkest spot where the whites of the eye meets the blood vessels by the twitching muscles.
I know what I need to do: grab it, conquer it, and make it a fight to remember.
Why kill your enemy, when you can use them to your advantage? That way, you make no enemies, just opportunities that will carry you to your every whims.

You don’t wait for opportunities to come. You create them. THEN you grab them.

Never doubt the power of time, given by God for our total benefit!

Ah, alas, who are we, just mere mortals of the earth. All we can do is to do our best, and until then, I will be stuck in this forsaken library

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He is an avid blogger at Spinzer.uS and lives 24/7 on Twitter by the moniker @spinzer. Left Investment Banking to pursue the unleashing of Malaysian Gen-Y's hidden talents by founding the EYE (Empowering Youth Endeavors) Project. He co-founded the Young Corporate Malaysians and assists RandomAlphabets in his spare time. He plans to build a socially good empire out of his social media consultancy outfit called in a bid to turn the world into a better place by 2020.

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  • that third picture of your hand… is it supposed to signify that you ‘pulled the plug’ on your computer so that it would stop being a source of distraction to your revision plan?

    or does the photo have no such significance at all and im simply reading too deeply into things? hahaha

    oooh i see chienliq skema-ing away in the library… i bet he was revising managerial econs .. lol

  • Wa, going to have exams soon but so free to take photos in the library and around the room. Perhaps the calm feeling is due to the fact that you have subconsciously accepted your fate πŸ˜‰ It is good or bad? XD Btw, what’s with all the walkie talkies?

  • may: actually it’s just me showing off my new leather wristband accessory, and obviously it didn’t work cause it never did grab ur attention, did it? πŸ™

    applegal: heya! long time no see =) Yeah, taking pics relaxes me after gruelling hours of hard work! sighz, hope I can pass! The walkie talkies? They’re from my previous event in the Careers Fair πŸ™‚ Right, I should put a post here about that too!

    koyuuken: Sigh, I WISHED I WAS!!! Ganbarre to me πŸ™ Feeling the panic-stricken persona coming out d 😐

  • Shinpai-shinai! Kurisu-san wa tensai node, donna shiken mo ii desu yo! kantan ni hyaku pasento wo torimasu… πŸ˜‰

  • koyuuken: I donno wht the heck ur talking abt, koyuuken sensei =.= I think “shinpai-shinai” means “it’s ok”?

    smashpOp: at this point if you were in my position, NOTHING is coherent huhuu.. anyways sososo wut do u think of pics from my new Lumix LX1? Not bad la, semi-manual digicam πŸ™‚

    xyz: oh first comment from miss coordinate. Sighz, yes yes mommy, after all first paper is 2 days away ~_~ oh happy labor’s day btw :mrgreen:

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