Shit… Like, WhatTheHell?!?!

Okay, so here’s the gist… We have Stewie a.k.a Ewe Tiam ignoring me, pretending to be away whenever I want to have a go at him (he’s handsome) and now he’s feeling all guilty and trying to apologize with the bottom of his heart. Well, you can’t really apologize “with the bottom of your heart” literally, I mean, hearts can’t talk, can they? Oh wait, what’s with the “bottom of your heart” phrase anyway? Does a heart really have a bottom? Hmm… Maybe it does, lessee:

Notice with the genius intellect I have, I rotated a heart by 180 degrees, and EUREKA, you get a BOTTOM! Hence I have proved that all hearts have a bottom, Q.E.D.

Okay, anyway….. I was kidding about the top bit. No, not that he’s not handsome, but I don’t want people thinking I’m gay.

No, honestly, I’m NOT gay.


So anyway, I was just getting to the most interesting part. He says that if I don’t add his link on my blog, he was gonna do something terrible to me. THEN he proceeded to give me this link [ ]

I think I’ve said enough. Stewie dear, I salute you.

Wanna say something?
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  • […] And a note to all you guys who came from Stupid Stewie’s blog, I tell you, he purposely wanna kenakan me one! Grrrr… He says it’s a response on my embarrasing posts on him, but since many of you didn’t know him before, you wouldn’t have seen them. Here’s Post #1 and Post #2 about him. There’s a post #3, but for some reason I overwrote the file.. sigh! In it, he drew a dick on MSN though, damn cool wey! Oh well, there’ll be more, I promise you! ( ps – In that pic I only slept 2 hours for the past 2 days working on Careers Fair, so… yeah.. ughhh ) […]

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