Amusing Convos

At times you wonder how amusing can one’s chat with their parents can be.. Well, this is such an example: between members of a purely medical family. Enjoy >D

Father says: I just downloaded a fabulous free medical programme; symptoms and signs of illness and disease
Daughter says: oh okay okay from where
Daughter says: maybe it’s good for medical practice.. i mean like clinicals and stuff
Father says: ahmelica
Daughter says: did you mean america.. tsk tsk tsk your english.
Father says: you can try it am (i.e. tomorrow)
Daughter says: am?
Daughter says: AM?
Father says: oh I meant cm (means tomorrow)
Daughter says: CM?
Daughter says: WHAT
Father says: am means morning
Daughter says: CM IS WHAT
Father says: it’s normal parlance
Father says: cm is medical parlance
Daughter says: it’s okay i don’t know
Father says: a.m. in normal parlance means morning
Father says: cm in medical parlance is tomorrow morning
Father says: nocte is night
Father says: like try free fluids cm
Father says: give a moggie nocte
Daughter says: pm ?
Father says: that means take mogadon ( a sleeping pill) at night to sleep……….
Daughter says: WHAT
Daughter says: daddy.. it’s ok i don’t have to know..
Father says: nocte is pm, yep!
Daughter says: you’re not talking nonsense are you
Father says: no, teaching you medical slang which has become mainstream….
Daughter says: mmm okok
Father says: okay, gonna bathe now, bye!!!
Daughter says: jhahahaha
Daughter says: ok bye

Disclaimer: Characters in this piece do not nescessarily have to be real. All medical terms used are assumed to be true or otherwise stated. If you die of laughter or confusion as to why this is funny, I will not be reliable but I am willing to be part of your will if you want to pass your fortune to me. -End-

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