Weird facts…

Hmmm.. It’s weird that there’s been a lot of Bulldog connections to my blog… Have they been advertising my site? Don’t mind if they do πŸ˜€ Maybe I should start putting adverts again so that I can earn free money hehe…

Okay, let’s discuss the stats for today:

I know a few who uses Bulldog, so that makes Yi Shan (an avid blog reader but doesn’t have a blog himself) and Chien Liq a few of my visitors… I suspect a certain Tzern might be involved in this foul play as well πŸ˜‰

As we run through the list, we will notice someone living in halls visiting the site.. And since we’ve learned that the post below received a comment by a certain May Tan we shall try to assume that belongs to her. However, one will learn that she’s safely tucked in in Sheffield, hence should be hers (as her counterpart, Jan, rarely visits my blog *idiot =P*). This leaves the unkown, and yet we know that it belongs to a resident in IC halls. I wonder who that is…

Now, one will notice that a certain belongs to the country of Malaysia. Now as far as I know only my father visits my site from Malaysia, and he’s certainly no TMNet customer (we support Webbit, the future of broadband in Malaysia :lol:). This leaves the one and only Suan to it, hence we shall close this case =P. ( I’m sooo smart hor =P) is definitely from Imperial, but from which department? I suspect it might be from the Computing department, but I have no idea who’s from there who visits this site… Interesting no? Might be my next great project πŸ˜‰

This leaves a few more unknowns who are definitely from the UK, as their ISPs definitely belongs to the UK: Pipex and Metronet. I have every right to assume they are students in UK as well, probably my fellow second year friends! Greetings to you people!

The others are probably random bots or random people just passing through… Surprisingly very little of them, considering my average hit in a day goes to about 40++…. Not bad indeed πŸ˜‰ Well, it’s not too bad an analysis for a day, is it? I enjoyed it, did you? Wish there was a subject called “Problem Analysis” cause I think I’d be very good in it hehe… Or not πŸ™„ =PpP It’ll be interesting to see what response you guys will have on this… 😈

Wanna say something?
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  • CoRrEcTioN guyz, Yi Shan is NOT a Bulldog user! He’s a Plusnet user (and a proud one at it too, cause I use Plusnet too :cool:) which leaves the rest of Bulldog customers largely unknown… Hmm, this is intriguing!

    And You-Know-Who, what no manners? Why am I troublesome? Is there something wrong with this post that troubles you? πŸ˜†

  • have a little respect for our privacy, i say! *glares at chwis* u think we’re all soooo proud to be known as readers of ur blog meh? pffftttt

    hehe joking la. cool post. =)

  • Eh Tock!

    Why you make me sound soooo sad?!?!? “Avid blog reader” my foot!!! Makes it sound like a synonym for “stalker” or something!!!!!

  • Hahahhaa Yi Shan you’re d best πŸ˜€ But like you I’m the same, and it’s good cause we know what’s going on in our friend’s life… Cause we care hehe.. Awww these juniors must feel so happy that they have such great seniors to look after them πŸ˜‰

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