Dark, Cold Night

Door closes.

I peered to the mirror. That’s it. That’s what I’m gonna wear. I’m going to make this journey, and I’m gonna do it right. No mistakes. Just me, myself, and my heavy bag full of assorted accessories.

I’ll be back sometime late, Luois!” I nonchalantly told my roommate, as he ponders me carefully, thinking I have to be nuts to go out with a round-neck T-shirt topped with a black, uber-cool shirt and a cool-looking tracksuit. Not forgetting the flimsy sandals too. All these, to face the dark weather of London at it’s all low temperature of 7 degrees Celcius.

Nevertheless, he remained silent. After all, I had to carry a huge bag with me. I sure don’t want to get all sweated up, do I? It’s not good for the skin, I heard. And with that, out the door I go with a determined look in my face.

Door closes.

I’m back. I find myself lying on the floor, breathing in heavy sighs and thanking God for his wondrous, mysterious miracles. Yet, was the great satisfaction I felt at that point worth all the trouble I’ve been through? To start, here are the main points of the night:

1. I took the wrong bus: instead of heading to Edgware Road with bus 414 where I was supposed to have dinner in Nahar Cafe and meet the boss, Mr Syed, I took bus 14 (notice the slight difference! anybody could make this mistake!) and ended up being in China Town, the heart of London.

2. I got lost in China Town’s crowd. Lumbering my huge bag around, I made my way asking around newspaper stands and police/s on how I could get to Oxford Street (yep, you heard me right, Oxford street, when I should be saying something more like “Edgware Road”. I wonder what was in my head?) and thus, got more lost. Bad, as I was hungry AND there wasn’t enough time.

3. Finally realized my errors in stating the area I want to go to, and thankfully reached Nahar Cafe in time, where I successfuly dealt with its amiable boss, Mr Syed. And of course, with a scrumptious dinner to go too!

4. Making my way to Hendon, I got onto the correct bus this time. Unfortunately, I got off the wrong stop: I passed it a long time ago, and if not for my friend who worries so much for me (why should he? i think I’m capable of taking care of myself thank you) and gave me a call, I would have ended up somewhere else. Well, this was easily fixed as I took the same bus going the opposite way, and soon I was resting in Hendon, where Ijaz + Kak Kuih and the others live. Aaaaaah.

5. After emptying my bag and decided to leave for home, had to call London Travels for instructions on how I COULD do it, at 12.00am in the morning. Fortunately, it was all done well.

6. Or so I thought. I did stop at correct stations, I did have to wait out in the freakin’ cold night (temperature was waaaay low at that point, and I was still wearing a T-shirt with a thin shirt on top. well, at least I had socks on this time, courtesy of Ijaz). BUT I did not end up where I was supposed to end up to: my cozy, warm house.

7. Miracle here. DRUNKARD SAVES THE DAY! Lost as I was, I looked around for clues to my house, being dropped in somewhere unfamiliar but on the same road. Soon I got fustrated and gave a shout (I did!) and whaddaya know, a drunk saved me! He wobbled over, listened to my woes and pointed at a very ambiguious direction and wobbled off. I followed without doubt.

8. Miracle 2. A SAFE DRIVE HOME! Soon I reached to another area, where I got lost again. The name of the street remained etched in my head: Munsta (Monster) Road. I thought I wasn’t too far away, but I still didn’t know the general direction. All of a sudden, a male and a female colleague came out from their office (or what looked like one). As they left, I pursued them and asked for directions. Highly amused, they told me to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whipee. No, seriously, I was so happy at that time. The reason why I am not talking so much about this area is because if I did, it’ll be a totally different story now, wouldn’t it?

9. Turns out: I was waaaaay off the area where I live. Would’ve taken me at least 30 minutes walk (and that if I had gotten the directions clearly too). We laughed in the car on my foolishness (is that even a laughing matter?!?) and I left the car in stitches. Thank God for these people. Thank God they were there when I need them. Thank God they had a car fitted with a heating system which gave me a near-orgasm like pleasure. Damn, I should’ve robbed them when I had the chance :twisted:… Nah, just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

Errr… were you expecting more? It’s kinda hard to type out these stories… Especially since this isn’t meant to be a story book. Did you think it was worth it? Were you even reading my story?! It’s my BLOG damnit. I type what I want here, okay? I bet nobody even reads half of this. I bet nobody even UNDERSTANDS a quarter of this. I was expecting that anyway. Shows how people just love skimming through to find something perverted, stops and reads, shrugs if they aren’t happy with it’s level of pervertishness and goes away. See? I knew it. I’m talking crap again, aren’t I?

I shall stop then. I have a very interesting upcoming event that you all will enjoy. Comes with pictures too. Just wait, you’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰
Tata for now!

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  • Yes, my fren, I read all

    hurray, it is sure a very good experience!!! a couple more times of going out yourself will surely do u good, i.e. u will definitely get to know the whole of london!

  • what a blessed day for u, fella. u could have got frozen at the road side and then found the next day and then hit the headlines the next day and then …………aaaarrgghh….. thank our good Lord u are in His favour. any way i am sure u will do much better the next time out:shock:

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