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Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, “Darkness” has intruded upon this once saintly website. How is this possible, I hear you ask? Well, things go awry, like everything else in the world, hence this is not an exception.

Once upon a time, I typed a long post for all to see. Once in between the time, I clicked on the Publish button. Once after the time, Internet Explorer amazingly managed to screw up my post and the next thing you know, nothing was recoverable and approximately 1000 words worth of my life story suddenly seemed as if is was a black hole threatening to swallow me up in complete rage and lunacy. This was NOT your typical “Once upon a time…” story, contrary to popular belief (see Shrek).

Hence, I have no reason to repeat what I wrote or thought at that time, as it was, after all, once upon a time not very long ago not so far away and what-nots that movie directors put into their movie’s header for everyone to defecate on! Alas, this would mean all my GOOD stories will not be posted either, thanks to our dear Microsoft who although has recieved millions of complains from consumers but yet was still able to reproduce the number of bugs thrice the times of the complains! How amazing can one be?!?

So go away. All you can read now are rants, though honestly I must say I AM pretty happy because I’ve gotten so much things since I’ve returned from London such as Webbit (which I have described oh-so-painstakingly detailed in my lost post) and of course the superb food that I get to eat and so much more!!

Before I go, I just wanna say that life sucks. For now. Johan, don’t compare me with Excel already, she’s not nearly as positive as I am. Ironically. And just for safe keeping ( I don’t wanna write another triple-hate post if this gets lost) I’m gonna copy everything I’ve written here. Done. We’ll see how it is now.

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