Agong's Birthday Reception

Yeap, and I’m going to it ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is full of surprises, ain’t it? XD

Updates on Matlab project: Finally getting into business. A little bit of work needed here and there, and finally the write up due this Tuesday. I THINK IT’S GOING WELL!! :p

Updates on Hardship fund: Spent more or less 20 pounds today on celebration :p First with a good friend of mine in Oriental Canteen, where we ate Egg Fried Rice and Aburegine with Fish Sauce. Second with the new AnimeSoc committee in Little Japan, where we ate various Bentos and of course, Sushi Sets XD ALL IS GOOD, as we quickly learnt that we are from all different nationalities and cultures, making us a multinational committee hehe… Ain’t that right, Swede guy? :p

Updates on ICUMS: Going to a Bengkel Kursus, where we’re suppose to learn how to handle a Malaysian Soceity the “right” way hehe.. There’s gonna be lots of people including KTJians who made it to the committees as well!! Looking forward to it, as it lasts approx. from 9am to 5pm… Unfortunately we’ll be skipping the second half on the excuse to attend the Agong’s Birthday Reception for Lunch!! Very Semi-formal event, which required me to whip out my tuxedo set (well, not really but good enough :p) so yeah, looking forward to this as well!

Updates on packing up: Hoping to get rid of my boxes by this Sunday, if all goes well… Almost everything is set, and I feel so relaxed!! Get things done soon, then you don’t have to worry later, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Updates on Prolog: Final lecture and lab session today, so I’m practically free!! Okay, maybe a few courseworks to handle and some meetings to attend, then I’ll be really on the moon after that XD

Various updates are showned above, more to remind me what I have done and not yet done hehe…Now to bed, for an early morning tomorrow~!

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