Humilty is the way to achieve Ultimate Humbleness

I can recall once that I was carrying a huge box down from Point West (near Sainsburys, Cromwell Road) back to my Halls in Evelyn Gardens. It was heavy, and mind you, the walk from one point to the other takes about 15 minutes!!

As you can guess, by the time I reached halfway, I was panting for breath and my clothes were soaked.
That’s when I decided to stop by KFC, which alluringly invited me into its depth, begging me to get some delicious Zinger Burger with fries and a cold, nice iced Sprite.I did so. Of course, at that time people were exceptionally suspicious about unindentified items (such as a huge-ass box) lying around the compound. I got suspicious stares from both staff and patrons which then led me to have my much needed lunch outside the compound T_T

That was when I meet Mr. Beggar. Sitting on a table in a coffee shop next to KFC, he was eating some bread and pastries packed in a rubbish-like plastic bag. I thought nothing of him soon after I started munching into my burger. However, after finishing my meal and as soon as I was about to take off with the huge box in my arms, he approached me.

Guess what he did. He offered me his lunch. At that exact moment, I felt like he had the most compassionate heart on earth! A beggar! Offering me food! It was too much to bear! I stared in disbelief as I slowly extended my hand while he placed the bag onto my palm. In my heart, I see this guy who saw me as if I was his long lost son, and he couldn’t bear watching me suffering. Hence, I knew I should not reject, as it will break his heart. Instead, one must graciously accept his offer, give him a smile of genuinity and let him feel as though he has done a very big favour to someone on earth. I let him do that, may he be at peace.

That same night, it made me think that he must have taken lots of guts to approach me. He could be easily pushed away, rejected as a beggar. But beggars are humans, they have feelings, they want to be loved, and to be able to love as well. Humility is the source of trouble here. People aren’t humble, they do not want to associate with others below their standards.

I don’t want to be like that. That is why, I have started Project Humility.

Plans ::
1.   Take a day off sleeping in one of the following places: outside the church, outside the Tube Station, outside the Museum. Bring only yourself, clothes, and a sleeping bag. Nothing more (or you’ll be robbed) or less (or you’ll sleep to death)
2.   Limit yourself to simple food, so that you will learn to appreciate them. Spend only at most 10 pounds per week (assuming you recieve just 1 to 2 pounds a day through begging).
3.   Act stupid, never reveal your smart ass self. If need be, use drastic measures.
e.g – If a police asks why you are sleeping outside, talk some gibberish, and when the police realises you don’t speak English, just bow your head in a apologetic way. True humilty comes through these kinds of successes.
4.   NEVER ever look down on beggars. This does not mean that you have to give them money when they beg though, I do not believe in that. Rather, donate to welfare centers for the poor so that they’ll get clothes and food for them.

There are definitely more plans, but most of them are simple and logical stuff. You shall know the fruits of it when you come to the point of blissdom.

P.s – Flight plans are confirmed. Afternoon flight on the 23rd of June, arriving back home on the 24th morning. Definitely can’t wait!

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  • From *my* post? which one? Thanks for the encouragement! I intend to do these things one of these days 😀

  • *thumbs up*
    =) I got atracted to here from ur posts. coincidence** ^^;;
    make sure u take a poket knife along when u go sleep out =) and somebody knows where u should be. *leaves some raspberries*

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