Time to Take A Break and Visit the VIP Lounge in Ipoh, Perak

So one day out of the blue I told myself I just had to fly up to Ipoh to check out this amazing place where you can find the only Macaroons sold in Ipoh (apparently :P).

Okaylah, I had another ulterior motive but let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it served good yummy food too…

Yeap, little did I know that the restaurant cum lounge served a prized dish called “Ona Laksa“, an original dish created by the chef (and owner too!) that looks oh-so-heavenly and tastes very unique, similar to Assam Laksa but with a twist!

Seriously, you have to try this. And do not have it WITHOUT the original sambal. No, really. 

Ta-da! The macaroons I came here for! (No, that’s not the lady’s name – it’s those colourful thingies she’s holding). Andrea is the young lady responsible of running the business, so why not go support her by going to the Facebook Page and order some not-to-sweet yummy macaroons for a great occasion 🙂

She also happens to be the daughter of the Owner, Anna, wife to Andrew Ong, and is responsible of packing the hundreds of sandwiches they make for visitors. Yum.

Here comes Andrew. He kinda looks like a character from Prince of Tennis right? I think he’s the coolest dad I’ve ever seen with that funky hairstyle haha. He even plays tennis professionally and owns his own hair saloon! Must go there cut hair one day 😛

The paintings around the restaurant is always for sale, a great strategy to always make sure the surroundings look refreshed in every visit. They aren’t half bad too, really nice to look at while having a meal or two.

Did I tell you that it’s a shop for travellers too? They even have home-sewed dresses for souvenirs! Talk about being enterprising 😀

Oh and this is so nostalgic – Nescafe’s tissue box! If that were on sale too, I’d bought it for sentimental sake hehe.

Other dishes served apart from Ona Laksa includes Stewed Beef Spaghetti (fusion between Western & Asian)

Spaghetti Bolognaise with Sausage, can’t get any simpler and delicious as this.

And even curry. Not sure what curry this is, will get back to you guys as soon as possible but it does smell lovely. Definitely home-cooked!

Well sorry for the not really informative post but I really just liked the ambience here. Everytime I come in I felt like I was home, and thus made myself feel as much hehe. Lots of toys to be bought as well, like this cute M&M dispenser!

And for last minute gifts, this place has it all too: stuff toys such as these cute teddy bears! Only wish they could look more like Ted the Talking Bear. I’d bought it for sure 😛 Thunder buddies!

In any case my next blog post will be about more Ipoh food like their famous dim sum as well as pork satay. After all, that’s the main reason why ANYBODY goes to Ipoh right? Haha. Okay fine, for the pretty girls too 😛 But yeah if you ever get up there, don’t forget to try the Ona Laksa, definitely an unforgettable experience everyone should have! Say hi to the owners for me if you do 🙂

16, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel No : Anna Ong (6012-451 8992), Gillian Chin (6012-515 8973)
GPS Coordinates : 4.608436,101.119419

More reference (and a better blog post) here: J2kfm.com

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