The Soliano's – The old family of Malaysia's music history

Many regard the Soliano family as one of the most talented musical family in Malaysia. 

<Small>Taken outside the studio. Very chillax bunch of group, super friendly and definitely close to one another </small>

The only vocal harmony group in Malaysia for the last 30 years, the Solianos got their musical genes from their great father, jazz legend Alfonso Soliano. Alfonso was a revered name in the music circles in the 70s till 90s. He founded the then Orkes RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) and helped won many  awards and recognitions for Malaysia.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I got to meet them in person, and even visited their studio! Come let’s have a tour around, shall we?

The moment I got into the studio located at TTDI, I saw a wall full of signatures. I later realized that a lot of prominent artists have actually came here before, and this was a mark of how influential the Soliano’s are!

Oh and look who’s here as well? It’s Ash, and turns out he works here as well. Got Poesy to pose with this amazingly cheerful guy haha

As Poesy is the adopted Chinese sister of The Soliano’s and personal friends with the late maestro saxophonist, Salvador Guerzo, she read a testimonial in honour of in last week’s TRIBUTE TO SALVADOR GUERZO 12 & 13 October 2012 for No Black Tie‘s 14th anniversary. This is her in the studio while I’m at the console room. A real studio baby!

And this is what the studio looks like. Look at them walls – sound proof kao kao and looks like they’ve spent loads on it! But then again, that’s how the Soliano’s show that they take what they do seriously. Some things aren’t meant to be discounted – quality is of utmost importance!

PS the guy next to Poesy is none other than Wynton Soliano, who manages Solianos Sound Solutions, a place for people to jam together and make a recording. RM150/hour corporate rate, RM85 for musician rehearsals. There’s also a drum practice room at RM10/hour. Many more packages, for further info please visit the page -> Solianos Sound Solutions.

By the way I love the fact that they are in to supporting the local start up bands, hence the affordability of the rooms!

That’s me trying to play the drums haha. Without the sticks 😛

And that’s us being mock singers, right after The Soliano’s were having a rehearsal. You could still feel the energy in there!

I love how the outside looks damn posh as well. Don’t ask me about the bike, I don’t know why it’s there LOL. Bottomline is, the place is totally sound proof and you can expect no disturbance from other studios!

The console room! I’ve only ever seen this in movies or in Youtube, but not in real life. Maybe now I can start my singing career on YouTube…. *shy*

While I was exploring, Poesy and the others were actually listening to the mastered recording of her song. She sounded waaaaay different when she’s singing, really nice and done well! Suffice to say, a lot of people have actually bought her track as of today, and if you want one, you better ask me fast!

The legendary album itself.

Anyhow it was time to leave as it was late. And on the way out, I saw a very familiar name… Do you recognize it?

None other than Fuad Alhabshi (@Fuadkyoto) of Kyoto Protocol (@kyotoband) fame!

I really wanna thank these guys for opening up my eyes to the scene I’m not very familiar with. And of course to Poesy for inviting me to this momentous occasion.

The rest of the family members. 

Now in their fourth generation, the Solianos have its family members spread all over Malaysia and Singapore. The current team consisting of Isabella, Coni, Tristano, Rizal, Velentino and Irene, led by Salvador Guerzo performed as a band from 1979-1990 fine establishment such as the Regent Hotel, Shangri-La hotel and The Royal Selangor Club, to name a few. In recent years, they have moved their performing venues to Langkawi Datai and No Black Tie

Soliano’s repertoire includes jazz numbers, popular tunes, and standard music with vocal harmony being their forte. Many have compared them to Manhattan Transfer with a quintessential Malaysian flavor. Many are awed when they hear the 7-part harmony (7 voices singing harmony together) for the first time; it is the signature singing style of the Solianos that never fails to leave a strong impression on the listeners.

No Black Tie has seen 14 years of passing great musicians from all over the world, perform on their stage. The club is home to many great artists and creative celebrities in Malaysia, also where the rich, famous, talented and decadent let their hair down. To commemorate this milestone, No Black Tie recently unveiled a Fazioli piano, a fully handmade precision beauty flown in from Sacile. Evelyn (NBT owner) and her sister Meilin Hii, both talented concert pianists visited the maker Paulo Fazioli in Italy just a few weeks ago to make the purchase of this legendary piano. There are only 2 Faziolis known in Malaysia and this is the first one to be in a public performance venue.

As before, the world’s greatest pianists passing by our region will flock to NBT to perfor
m, impromptu even, where bonus performances from surprise artists often happens, where the magic of music truly exists in our very own Malaysia.

You seen one before? 😉

Go like them on Facebook kay, they deserve our support!

PS – The Soliano’s were at Wynton’s studio to rehearse for the tribute for the late Salvador Guerzo in conjunction with Malaysia’s premier jazz club No Black Tie’s 14th anniversary.

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