#AvengersWithHarley-Davidson – A Joy Ride To Remember!

We were invited to this exclusive private IMAX 3D screening of ‘The Avengers‘ at @TGVCinemas, Sunway Pyramid on behalf of Harley Davidson Malaysia and Echosphere – and how could I say no after looking at the itinerary they provided us with. Yes, even though this is the second time I’m watching it in the same cinema, one week after my first time right after it launched here in Malaysia!

It started off by meeting up my long time friend Emily Er at Harley-Davidson 3S showroom, located at Naza Automall, Petaling Jaya to take a look at what they have to offer. Strangely we were attracted to our own super bikes and this was my choice! Nice? Well it costs RM300,000++ so it’ll take me many long years of hard work before I can think about owning one πŸ˜›
Emily decided to choose this baby instead… I didn’t think it was as good as mine but it does have some badass skull shape insignia on it… The two are what we call CVO… can’t remember what it stands for, but it’s customized lah basically. No wonder it’s so pricey!
Now these babies are what you come to the Harley-Davidson showroom for. You might have seen some of them being driven by bulky looking people on the roads… and always wondered to yourself – how do they even handle these huge machines right? So do we. Emily admits she couldn’t even reach for the clutch, and the handles are waaaaay to far away to make a proper turn! LOL!
The #Avenger bike joined us at the scene too! We went to play with it after having our buffet lunch. How could we not haha… Here’s @RockeRina and hubbie, @imTheJessicat and boyfie with Captain America’s bike!
Then it’s Emily’s turn. She can’t take her eyes off Captain America‘s shield.. bet she’s daydreaming about his body already after watching the #Avengers hahahah! (Though she said she loved The Hulk at the end :P)
And the lovely lady behind the wheels is Your Highness the @Helenness, founder of Echosphere and a woman I’ve marked as one of our many future leaders. You’ll go far, just continue to learn and experience the toughest times, stay true to yourself and you’ll emerge a winner! Thanks for the invite πŸ˜‰
And now we’re all ready to move to Sunway Pyramid@ Some like @RockeRina here are pillions, sitting behind REAL Harley-Davidson bikers who will be following us to the private screening!
I mean, just take a look at them! Can’t get more authentic than this eh? The community meets often, organized by the Harley-Davidson guys here at Kuala Lumpur… They are just like family, and a cool one at that, too!
Emily and I chose to be in the comfort of the Colorado. Nothing beats aircon πŸ˜› And the view is gorgeous, being surrounded by the loud roaring of Harley-Davidson bikes as well as escorted by police and their sirens… AMAZING!
We were winged by this cool looking marshall… You’d notice that other motorists will shy away from them… You NEVER play with a Harley-Davidson, unless you want to get in trouble. It was LOUD and SHINY wei haha!
Here’s a picture taken from Felix‘s blog, just to show you how cool our entourage was… the bikes were as large as the cars okay! Read his blogpost here!
Finally we arrived at Sunway Pyramid, and in STYLE too! The loud roaring of the Harley-Davidson engines, the wailing of the sirens and a cohort of important looking VIP people obviously attracted a major crowd at the unsuspecting shoppers. Here’s @imthejessicat greeting the audience LOL
And look who’s with us! It’s @JehanMiskin the celebrity on his own Harley-Davidson bike πŸ˜‰
Emily of course couldn’t resist riding on one of them bikes. Thanks to @imthejessicat’s explicit description of her ride, Em is pretty happy she

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didn’t need to join the bikers during the trip, preferring to stay in the car haha

We had some time to kill before the movie so we went to Haagen-Daaz for some good ol’ (but expensive!) ice cream… and this is what we ordered. Cute? These small morsels of what looks like Macaroons are actually bits of hardened chocolate with ice cream inside and costs a bomb! Nice to try, but definitely not value for money πŸ˜›
And thus ends our adventure after having a really great time at @TGVCinemas’s IMAX theatre – comfy seats, super sound and probably the largest screen ever in Asia. Seriously amplified The Avengers to the very max, and leaves no curves *BlackWidow’sAssAhemAhem* out of our imagination haha. Happy but tired, we went to our Colorado where the friendly guys at Harley-Davidson Kuala Lumpur fetched us back – and returned back to our respective houses with an experience to boast about – hence this ridiculously fast blogpost haha.
Thanks for reading and many thanks to Harley-Davidson Kuala Lumpur for hosting us. Met awesome friends and had great fun. Till next time!

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