Archive - November 2004

Happy Belated Burfday Sis!

I have a sister. She’s an odd one, with a tendency to follow me rather than to stay with her other sisters. The oddball, one might say 😀 Her birthday was on the 11th of November, and I stayed up to call her. This is the response I get:...

Chopstix & Flies!

Okay, if this isn’t the COOLEST game for the year, BLOW ME!! Guys, this you gotta try =) “Man who catch flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything!” – Mr Miyagi

Mitul's Birthday… Conned!

Today was Mitul’s birthday… which I was “conned” into going, which led me to a series of, say, “unfortunate” incidents. One of those incidents include almost getting run over by a car. I’m serious...